200 Nigerian Christians slaughtered in village attacks

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200 Nigerian Christians slaughtered in village attacks

More than 200 people in mainly Christian villages in Plateau are reported dead after Fulani herdsmen went on a killing spree at the weekend.

Attackers armed with machetes and guns raided ten communities near the state capital, Jos, on Saturday and Sunday. In Nghar village, it is reported that every house was burnt down and more than 70 people killed.

Please ask God to comfort His people in Plateau and remind them of His unfailing love.

Thousands of people in the Barkin Ladi Local Government Area have lost homes and crops. The state government has imposed a night-time curfew in many parts of the state.

Release partners say missionaries trapped in one village sent messages about the attacks through social media and requested prayer for staff and children at their school. There were heavy casualties in the local area – but none at the school. ‘We are alive today because we knew people were praying!’ they later said.

  • Pray that God will comfort those injured or bereaved in the attacks over the weekend (Psalm 119:76). Thank God for those whose lives were spared, including those at the missionary school.
  • Pray that the Government will now take firm action to end the violence and protect vulnerable communities.
  • Please pray that those responsible for the violence will be repulsed by the bloodshed and overcome with remorse, and that they will turn away from violence and seek peace and reconciliation. (See below for more details about our #Pray50 campaign)

(Sources: Release partners)


Martyrs Day

We are declaring tomorrow, June 29, as Martyrs Day, a time when we remember modern-day brothers and sisters killed for their faith such as in the attacks above in Nigeria, and pray for their grieving families. Please set aside as much time as you can to lift them to God in prayer. Click here for resources to help you.



Thank God that our Chinese brother Pastor Yang Hua was reportedly freed from jail last week and allowed to return home to Guizhou province. His wife, Wang Hongwu, said Yang sang worship songs loudly after he was set free. Pastor Yang of Huoshi Church spent two-and-a-half years in jail on false charges, during which he was reportedly tortured and suffered serious ill health. Meanwhile, several Chinese lawyers detained during a crackdown on ‘dissidents’ have had their licences revoked, including Christian Li Heping: pray these licences will be reissued. (Source: China Aid)