5-star reviews for Neither Bomb Nor Bullet

NBNB Times coverage 10.8.19
NBNB Times coverage 10.8.19
Release partner book Neither Bomb Nor Bullet featured in The Times 10.8.19

Neither Bomb Nor Bullet, the new book on Release partner Ben Kwashi, is gathering media coverage and five-star reviews.

The Nigerian archbishop’s biography has been featured in The Times, Church Times, War Cry, and on Premier Radio and others.

It has been given five-star reviews on Amazon and in NetGalley, where Norman G wrote:

‘Required reading’

‘Quite simply this book falls into that category of literature that should be required reading for the Western Church. Hugely insightful about what has been and continues to happen in Nigeria re the battle between militant Islam and Christianity. 

‘You will laugh and weep, rejoice and be heartbroken. The brutality of the attacks on Nigerian Christians should drive the Church to its knees in prayer and yet rejoice at the bright shining faith in Christ shown by suffering Christians.

‘Some of the scenes wouldn’t be out of place in the book of Acts. Just read it. Highly recommended.’

In Neither Bomb Nor Bullet, Archbishop Ben Kwashi tells the inspiring story of God at work amid the growing persecution in Nigeria.


His book highlights the upsurge in Islamist attacks against Christians, from Boko Haram and now Fulani militants. And he challenges the Nigerian government to take action to protect Christians.

Although there are harrowing moments, Ben Kwashi tells his story with characteristic joy and good humour. His makes a cheerful call to overcoming faith and dedication to mission:

‘Life is short. I hope my story will challenge you to live to see God’s kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven. To live for Jesus, and, if necessary, to die for Jesus.

‘Life is an adventure! Let us live it to the full!’

‘Courageous life’

In the words of reviewer Jeremy Marshall: ‘An amazing courageous life story of the Archbishop of Jos and General Secretary of Gafcon on the front line with Islamic terrorism. Inspirational, well written [and] in places very amusing.’

Neither Bomb Nor Bullet, by Release’s Andrew Boyd, is published by Lion Hudson and features a foreword by Release CEO Paul Robinson. It’s available from the Release estore .