Algerian Christians under growing pressure

Our Algerian family is facing mounting pressure – but standing strong.

Officials in Algeria are using ‘legal technicalities’ to close down churches and put pressure on Christians.

Release sources say Protestant churches are being subjected to ‘health and safety inspections’ – by intelligence and security officials. Since the crackdown began in November, at least ten churches, mostly in northern Algeria, have been closed or ordered to stop all their activities, some as recently as May.

Pray for our family in Algeria as they face pressure from state officials.

Other churches are under threat and have been told they do not have official permission to function. Yet, gaining a permit is virtually impossible: not a single permit has been issued since legislation requiring them came into force in 2006.

At least two churches, in Tizi Ouzou and Bejaia, are known still to be closed.

Yet, international pressure on Algeria to uphold religious freedoms is bearing fruit. Three churches that were forcibly closed have since reopened – although they remain without permits. Sources say that the Algerian church is growing in faith and boldness.

  • Please pray for wisdom and strength for Algerian pastors and their congregations amid this crackdown.
  • Pray that the officials visiting churches will be moved by the powerful witness of our Algerian brothers and sisters and be touched by God’s grace and love. (Click here to read more about our #Pray50 campaign).
  • Praise God for the way His church in Algeria is standing firm under pressure. Ask Him to add to their number daily as he did in Acts 2:47.

(Sources: Middle East Concern, Mission Network News)



Please continue to pray that God will protect our Chinese brother Jiang Tianyong, a lawyer serving a two-year sentence for ‘subversion’. Our partner China Aid reports his family’s concerns that he is being tortured and forced to take drugs, possibly to cause memory loss. His wife, Jin Bianling, has fled to the US. Jiang vanished in November 2016, was held in an illegal detention centre and was only formally arrested in May 2017. (Source: China Aid)