Archbishop Benjamin KwashiNigerian Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi has thanked Release International for raising international awareness of the recent attack against his home.

Armed Fulani herdsmen raided the archbishop’s compound in Jos and stole his cattle. Archbishop Kwashi remained indoors to protect the many orphans in his care.

When the cattle raiders were challenged by a neighbour, the heavily-armed herdsmen shot him dead.

Release reported the story and the news was taken up by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who raised the matter in the House of Lords.

Justin Welby asked the British government to support Nigeria to find a solution to the increasing violence in the country. Fulani militants are attacking mainly Christian communities in the north, driving thousands of Christians from their homes.

Archbishop Justin said: ‘I am sure the [minister] shares my deep concern about the violent attacks on Christians’. He called on the government to help Nigeria tighten security, work for reconciliation and to combat desertification, which he said was ‘exacerbating ancient rivalries’.

Speaking for the government, Baroness Goldie said Britain shared the archbishop’s concern and stood ‘ready to support Nigerian-led initiatives.’

Archbishop Ben Kwashi partners with Release in supporting the persecuted church in Nigeria. He told Release: ‘You are so up to speed in your care and concern for us. Your post in the news got the attention of the world. Archbishop Welby spoke with me and took the matter up to the House of Lords. Thank you.’