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Boko Haram has admitted responsibility for the latest attack on a school in Nigeria. More than 300 boys are still missing after the raid in Katsina.

This follows similar kidnap raids on schools in Dapchi in 2018 and Chibok four years earlier.

The Chibok girls were mainly Christian, yet these latest schoolchildren to be kidnapped appear to be mainly Muslim.

Targeting schools

Targeting schools is not inconsistent with Boko Haram’s aims, which are to turn Nigeria into a radical Islamist state. Their name means ‘Western education is forbidden’. Their approach has been to attack Christians and intimidate moderate Muslims.

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Devastated parents in Katsina say their government is doing too little to protect them from the terrorists.

Analysts fear Boko Haram may have joined forces with armed bandits in the northwest of Nigeria to further their aims.

David Peek of UCB Radio found out more from Andrew Boyd of Release International…