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China pulls down megachurch

Demolition of Funan County Christian Church.
Photo courtesy ChinaAid

Chinese Christians in Anhui are said to be ‘outraged’ after their state-registered church was demolished and their pastors arrested.

The Chinese authorities have torn down another megachurch, beginning their demolition while Christians were still worshipping inside, according to Release partners China Aid.

The authorities demolished Funan County Christian church, which seats 3,000, without official papers. They are holding pastors Geng Yimin and Sun Yongyao on suspicion of ‘gathering a crowd to disturb social order.’

Release partner Bob Fu describes the demolition as ‘another clear example of the escalation of religious persecution’ in China.

Since tough new laws were imposed in 2018 the authorities have demolished churches, torn down crosses, removed plaques of the Ten Commandments, and insisted that the national anthem is sung in church.

They have also imprisoned human rights lawyers who try to defend churches in court.

China Aid says: ‘Christianity is spreading wildly throughout China. This makes it absolutely crucial that the government stops persecuting its Christian citizens. If church demolitions and arrests continue alongside church growth, millions could be affected.

‘Many Christians in China are afraid to speak out against the persecution they are facing, including those in Funan. The Chinese government will often question or punish those who talk to the media.’

Premier Radio’s Tola Mbakwe asked Andrew Boyd for Release International’s reaction to this latest church demolition…

You can see a short video clip of the demolition as it happened below:

Video of the church demolition. Video: ChinaAid

For more on church demolitions in China:



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