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Daniel – family killed in attack on Christians

The eyes of Daniel betrayed a real sadness and grief when Release International staff met him and heard his story.

Daniel now lives on a camp for internal refugees – having fled his village in north-eastern Nigeria after an attack by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram.

More than 150 people were slaughtered in the attack. Three of Daniel’s children (who were aged 14, 12 and 7) were shot. His father was beheaded. His wife was kidnapped and – he later discovered – forcibly married to a Muslim man. When that man disappeared Daniel heard she was forcibly married a second time.

Daniel was forced to flee and is now one of many Christians from the north east of Nigeria living on what are known as IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps.

Release International staff met Daniel at a training conference that was being run by one of our partners, to equip church leaders to share the gospel in difficult places. Release International supports this work through the giving of Christians in the UK.

Life on the camp was not easy, Daniel told our staff. But, by the grace of God, it is also clear that his faith continues to be real. “I have surrendered my life to Christ,” he said.

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