Emersion – a painting by Marcela Lopez.


Blind auction for painting.

Emersion - by Marcela Lopez

Marcela Lopez, a contemporary artist based in Surrey whose commissions can be found in offices and homes in Colombia, from where she comes, London, Paris, Venice and Texas, is offering one of her works for auction to help persecuted Christians.

Marcela started as an illustrator in 1995, developing art projects for vulnerable communities affected by poverty and delinquency in Colombia.

Two years later she moved to London. She has produced and sold many works of art both of her own inspiration and by commission.

The painting ‘Emersion’, pictured, which is being offered for auction, was inspired by an experience she had while swimming off a Colombian island but which also represents her early journey of faith since becoming a Christian in 2009.

She says: ‘When I became a Christian I knew there was peace in Him but I was for some time just about coming out and then another wave would crash over me and so on. The painting celebrates the imminent emersion when you need air, you can feel the light and you know you are about to get out.’

Marcela’s paintings of this size (100cm by 60cm) have sold for up to £900.

‘Emersion’, which uses mixed media on wood, is unframed and will need to be collected by the winning bidder by arrangement with the artist.


How To Bid:

If you would like to bid for this original work of art please email your offer to info@releaseinternational.org putting ‘painting’ in the subject line, by 1pm on November 12. Bids received after this time will not be accepted. Please bid in pounds and pence, such as £321.56, that way we will be able to locate the winner very quickly.

The highest offer will win. In the event of two or more equal highest bids, the bidders will be offered the chance to submit further offers. If the new offers are the same, the winner will be drawn by lot.

Money raised from the sale will go to the work of Release International helping persecuted Christians.

To see more of Marcela’s paintings visit www.marcelalopez.eu