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If Prison Walls Could Speak: Oakhall Church, Caterham

Monday 28th February | 7.00pm

Artless Theatre Tour: If Prison Walls Could Speak

VENUE: Oakhall Church, CATERHAM, Surrey CR3 5PL

DATE: Monday 28th February 2022

TIME: tbc

Tickets: tbc


The Artless Theatre Company is a Christian ministry who are partnering with us here at Release International to launch an exciting new drama, If Prison Walls Could Speak.

The production is based on Petr Jasek’s powerful testimony of his experience in jail in Sudan, as told in his book Imprisoned with ISIS (available from our eStore).

Click the image to watch a short ‘teaser’ video.

For tickets to this event please contact the venue directly.

If you are already a Release Volunteer and would like to get involved as a Volunteer Event Steward for this event please email us directly here.


Location of Venue: