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Lazarus Yeghnazar Online Speaker Tour (Supporters Living in England)

Thursday 11th March | 7.30pm

Christian Persecution in Iran

Strengthening the Church in the midst of oppression



FROM 222 Ministries

and Paul Robinson, CEO Release International.

Christians in Iran face relentless persecution as the authorities try to stem the growth of the Christian church. Join us for an inspiring evening as we hear of gospel witness continuing in the face of oppression.

We are delighted to confirm that our partner from 222 Ministries, Lazarus Yeghnazar, will be joining us and our supporters living in England for an online speaker event starting at 7.30pm on Thursday, 11th March.

This event will be held as a ticket-only online event via Zoom conferencing and will finish at around 8.45pm.

Please note, if you are busy on the night for your region, and wish to book on any of the dates, you are welcome to do so, subject to availability. We will be managing bookings for these events on Eventbrite. There will be no charge for the tickets, but donations are very welcome and can be made online here.

Click here to book your FREE ticket from Eventbrite.

Click here to download a free poster with details of this event.


Lazarus Yeghnazar is from an Armenian background. Converted as a child, he became a church leader in Iran and was twice imprisoned in his early 20s for his gospel preaching. He and his wife later felt called to leave the country. From the West he now runs 222 Ministries International that seeks to train church leaders, plant churches and disciple believers in Iran.

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