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Helping the falsely
accused in Pakistan
Thanks to your financial help
Release International supports
a number of projects to help
Christians imprisoned for their
faith. These include:
Our partners currently
support and look after the
following Christians and
their families:
Pervaiz Masih, who spent five
years in prison under a false
accusation of blasphemy before
being released with no proof
against him. Since his acquittal our
partners have looked after him and
his family by providing pastoral
support, helping them to rent a
home in a safer location, providing
medical treatment for his wife
and help with starting his own
Zafar Bhatti (pictured), who is
under a death sentence in Adyala
Jail, Rawalpindi. Our partner
regularly visits him to pray and
encourage him and has done so
recently as he was depressed.
He is diabetic and his health is
deteriorating. Our partner is
supporting his wife, Nawab Bibi
(pictured), whose health is also
poor. Because of this, and the cost
of travel, she can visit him only
once a month.
Asif Pervaiz, who is in jail under a
death sentence. His wife, Marilyn
Asif, is supported by our partner.
Sadly their children, who miss their
father deeply, are refusing to attend
Also sentenced to death is Ishfaq
Masih. His wife, Nabeela, visits him
in prison 100 miles away once a
 Pray for better health for Zafar
Bhatti and his wife and that his
sentence will be overturned
 Pray for the acquittal of Asif
Pervaiz and for his wife Marilyn
and the children as they are
suffering while he is in prison
 Pray that Ishfaq Masih can cope
with the heat and humidity in the
prison and that he, Nabeela and
their young daughter will remain
firm in their faith
 Pray for our partners’ security.
Being associated with accused
Christians carries severe risks
ERITREA Support of food
packages for prisoners, financial
assistance for prisoners’ families,
accommodation and healthcare
for ex-prisoners. Providing those
who have fled Eritrea and the
Tigray conflict with skills to help
them earn a living
CHINA Support of workers to
ensure that imprisoned believers
are not forgotten and receive legal
assistance and that the wider
Christian community is able to
pray for them and speak out on
their behalf. Direct support to
prisoners’ families
PAKISTAN Regular pastoral
visits to prisoners and their
families and tailored support
for these families including
financial help and assistance
with individual situations such as
relocating to a safer area

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