Page 14 - Voice-of-the-Persecuted-Christians-Oct-Dec-2023-124
P. 14

Darkening clouds
in paradise
Returning home early one
evening Pastor Chandrapala
was faced with an angry
50-strong mob surrounding his
property. Despite his obvious fears, he
kept calm and was able to record the
harassment on his phone. The group
included a number of Buddhist monks
who, after spotting his presence, tried
to goad him into responding in order
to raise a complaint against him.
Mob violence against
pastors, often
instigated by Buddhist
monks, is on the rise
as the gospel reaches
more communities in
Sri Lanka
However, he kept silent. Bizarrely
they even warned him that although
he could hold a church service, he
could not invite anyone else to attend!
Thankfully the emergency response
team at the local police station was
led by a Christian officer who upon
being made aware of the incident took
immediate action.
Pastor Chandrapala lives in an
Pastor Chandrapala was
greeted by an angry mob
when he returned home

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