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Pastor John – beaten for his faith

Pastor John (above) had been faithfully leading a congregation of about 50 people in a rural area of India for about eight years.

Hindus in the area where he lived would periodically collect funds to set up temporary worship shrines for religious festivals. When John was approached he sought to tell them about Jesus.

“I said to them we don’t want to give [money] to idol worship because we worship Jesus,” he said.

At that point some village leaders began shouting at him, “Why are you telling about Jesus? Don’t come to this area! Don’t share the gospel!” they cried.

Shortly afterwards, John was returning home from a prayer meeting. Five people in masks stopped him and beat him. They beat him so badly he was left unconscious. A local bus driver found him lying in the roadside and took him to hospital. He made a complaint to the police at the time, but no action was taken.

Christian pastors in India, especially in rural areas, face on-going oppression and violence for their faith in Jesus Christ and for their gospel witness.

Release International’s partner in India supports persecuted Christians practically and spiritually. Over a number of years our partner has run conferences – often in sensitive areas where there has been opposition – to strengthen and encourage Christian leaders. Our partner also resources the church with Bibles in local languages and provides legal aid to help those who have been falsely accused of fraudulently converting people.

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