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Lockdown Church 2020

How are you doing church under lockdown?

In the past few months our movements have been severely restricted due to Covid-19. This is a very new experience for us but for persecuted Christians around the world these kinds of restrictions are not unusual. They often have their buildings closed, are prevented from meeting together, and some are forced to spend time in isolation. However, in those circumstances they have learned to keep going and even to thrive. They have lots of practice at doing church under lockdown.

It has been amazing to see how churches and prayer groups across the world have adapted creatively to our own current restrictions and have continued to ‘meet together’ through live streaming, video calling apps and social media sharing. These restrictions are set to continue for some time and perhaps now more than ever, we can identify with the daily experiences of persecuted Christians. Perhaps also, now more than ever, we need their wisdom and example to help us.

In response, Release International has created a new Lockdown Church resource. Scroll down the page to the menus below to find Bible talks, short films, interactive activities, songs and prayers, all designed to help you worship, reflect and identify with our persecuted family during this period of lockdown. You can use these resources individually or include them in your online home group or church service.

Praise God that His church lives and thrives under lockdown. Welcome to Lockdown Church.

Lockdown Resources

Frontline Reports

How is Covid-19 and the consequent global lockdown impacting persecuted Christians? Release International is privileged to work with some amazing partners around the world. Click on the links below to hear them describe how our persecuted family are being affected and are responding to the challenges of the pandemic.

Daring Devotion

Not the usual devotional guide, Daring Devotion looks at key themes of discipleship through the eyes of persecuted Christians. Each week we will add a new chapter from the book which will help inspire and equip you to grow as a disciple as you learn from those who have suffered as a result of their faith in Christ.

Bible Talks and Discussion Questions

God’s word is living and active. In the pages of the Bible we hear his voice and that should shape the way we think about everything. Click on the links below to listen to Release speakers exploring various passages that deal with the subject of isolation.

Prisoner Profiles

Prison is a very real prospect for Christians in places such as Iran, Eritrea, China and Pakistan. Hebrews 13:3 calls us to ‘Remember those in prison as if we were together with them.’ Click on the links below to read the stories of some current Christian prisoners of faith.

3-Minute Films

Personal stories are powerful. They invite us to enter into the world of fellow Christians and appreciate their experiences more fully. When we hear about how God has sustained them it gives us renewed confidence to bring our own burdens to him and cry out for help. Click on the links below to hear the stories of some Christian prisoners.


Many of us find that we remember much more when we do something practical rather than when we simply read something or listen to something. You can click on the links below to take part in some interactive activities that will help you think, pray and identify with Christian ‘Prisoners of Faith’ more fully.

Songs and Poems

Some of the richest worship emerges from the place of suffering and isolation. Click on the links below to read and listen to some profound and moving lyrics written by Christians imprisoned for their faith.


Prayer does not always come easily and in the absence of our own words it can be helpful to use written prayers to communicate what we are thinking and feeling to our Father in heaven. Click on the links below.

Do More


Share this page with your wider church family so that they can learn more about their persecuted family during this time of ‘lockdown’ within the United Kingdom.