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Lockdown Church 2021

How are you persevering under lockdown?

Back in March 2020 not many of us could have predicted that one year later we would still be in lockdown. Throughout that time our ability to meet together as God’s people has been restricted in varying ways which has presented huge challenges and caused frustration.

Release International’s original Lockdown Church resources were developed to pick up on the connection between our new experience of facing restrictions and the common everyday experience of persecuted Christians. It was a chance for us to both identify and learn from them.

In that regard nothing has changed. In fact, in our prolonged experience of lockdown we have an even greater opportunity to identify – especially with those of our brothers and sisters who bear the weight of sustained, systemic restrictions because of their faith. Together with them we are learning more about endurance, steadfastness, and hope.

Lockdown Church 2021 is a brand-new set of weekly updated resources focusing on the theme of oppression. Scroll down the page to the menus below to find Frontline reports from our international partners, short Bible reflections, interactive activities, songs and prayers, all designed to help you worship, reflect and identify with our persecuted Christian family during this prolonged period of lockdown. You can use these resources individually, share them with your friends, or use them in your online home group or church services.

Praise God that His church lives and thrives under lockdown.

Lockdown Resources

Frontline Reports

Release International is privileged to work with some amazing partners around the world. Click on the links below to hear them describe how persecuted Christians continue to be affected by the pandemic and how they have learned to deal with the wider problem of sustained oppression.

Bible Thoughts

What does God’s word have to say about oppression? Click on the links below to hear Release speakers exploring the subject in a series of 5-minute reflections.

Project Profiles

How can we stand with the oppressed? Click on the links below to learn more about specific Release International projects which are supporting those who suffer.


As well as reading and watching these resources, you can do something active to help you learn and pray. Click on the links below to discover creative activities to help you identify and remember.

Wurmbrand Archive

The legacy of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand remains a powerful inspiration to the ministry of Release International. Click on the links below to hear some audio extracts from their talks and sermons archive.


Many of the songs recorded in the Bible were written from a place of anguish. Some assert great confidence in God to deliver, while others simply ask ‘how long?’ They are a reminder that we have permission to take our pain and unanswered questions to God. Click on the links below to listen to a selection of songs by contemporary Christian artists reflecting on this theme.


Even in the most challenging circumstances as Christians we can call out to our Father in heaven knowing that He hears and sees. Click on the links below to read prayers written by Christians from a context of oppression.

You can still access the previous Lockdown Church resources here.

Do More


Share this page with your wider church family so that they can learn more about their persecuted family during this time of ‘lockdown’ within the United Kingdom.