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Commitment to the Gospel

Acts 4 & 5

By Kenneth Harrod

In Acts chapter 4 the apostles have their first experience of the post-Pentecost opposition Jesus warned them to expect. In the face of threats and violence, they boldly contend that their obligation is to obey God above any human authority, and then, together with the rest of the infant church in Jerusalem, they call out to God for courage to continue to preach the gospel – and God answers. We need to pray that our persecuted brothers and sisters across the world today will receive the same boldness and grace.


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In Acts chapter 4 the Apostles have their first taste of the opposition that Jesus had warned them of.

We read in the previous chapter, chapter 3, that a man had been healed by the Lord – healed, we might say, virtually on the very doorsteps of the Jerusalem Temple! Read more…

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