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Despair in a Dungeon

Jeremiah 37

by Stephen McIlory

Rabbis knew the prophet Jeremiah as the Weeping Prophet. Jeremiah was anointed by the Lord to bring His words to the Hebrew people as they faced onslaught from the invading Babylonian army. Reluctant to begin with, he soon discovered that faithfulness to his God came with a price and Jeremiah began to weep over the people and land he loved. He served and suffered for around four decades – a long time to be a weeping prophet! Arrested more than once, in chapter 37 he finds himself in a dungeon of despair. Join Stephen as he reflects on what we can learn from the hardships experienced by this man of God.


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Within the Scriptures there are many examples of God’s people suffering in isolation. We will try to gain a brief glimpse into the life of one such individual, the Prophet Jeremiah, who like our present circumstances found himself in unwanted solitude. Unfortunately, he was forced into isolation on more than one occasion and we will attempt to reflect on just one of those experiences. Read more…


Question 1

Jeremiah, the writer of the book of Lamentations, was given the title – The Weeping Prophet.

Do you think this name is a fair reflection on him considering his messages from the Lord and his relationship with the Hebrew people?

Question 2

Jeremiah questions why he was even born and comes very close to ‘losing’ his prophetic role after comparing the Lord to a dry stream with no water! However, in his grace and compassion, the Lord provides a second chance if Jeremiah will repent.

Have you ever found yourself questioning God?

If so, how did it make you feel and how do you sense God felt about hearing your laments?

Question 3

Brother Zafar Bhatti has suffered undeservedly for a crime he did not commit. As a result Zafar almost lost his life and now both he and his wife are suffering.

Put yourself in their shoes. How might you have reacted to such turmoil and hardship?

Why do you think God allows his people to go through such dark seasons in life?

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