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Faith in Adversity

Psalm 16

by Kenneth Harrod

David’s opening cry in Psalm 16 reflects those many times in his life when he was forced to flee from his enemies. And yet the rest of the Psalm displays wonderful faith: faith in the face of adversity. This is the kind of faith we would want for ourselves – and for all who suffer persecution for Christ today.


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Kenneth starts his teaching by reading from Psalm 16.

I remember the day I met Daniel. There was a real sadness, I thought, in his eyes – and yet a firm and settled faith in his words. Read more…


1.  ‘Preserve me, O God’, cries David (verse 1). And yet, this is not a cry of despair or of desperation. How do we know that? Sum up David’s attitude to God in this Psalm. Has that been your attitude in times of difficulty?

2.  Read Acts 2:22-32 and Acts 13:26-39. How does this Psalm point us to Christ? What confidence and assurance does that give to the Christian?

3. How would you use Psalm 16 to encourage a persecuted Christian today? How does the message of this Psalm shape how we ought to pray when we pray for persecuted Christians today?

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