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I always know that You are with me

by a Malaysian Christian who came to faith in prison.

Dear Father,

I am a new believer and was born to a very pious family.
I never felt whole and always felt something was missing.
Life has often felt like it’s the end of the world,
but I remind myself that everything happens for a reason
and there are often blessings in disguise.

Praise You Jesus that I am even here,
after some of my past experiences and hardships.
Thank You for the Bible given to me during my time in prison,
even though I confess that I didn’t want it at first.
However, I read it again and again.
The more I read it, the more curious I felt.

Thank You for assigning to me a teacher for a Bible reading class who visited me in prison once a month and through her I sought to learn what Christianity is all about.
Thank You for the other books she gave me to read.
They really opened my eyes and mind,
until I finally surrendered myself to Jesus.
Praise God, one of my teacher’s friends came to visit me and was my witness at that moment I accepted Jesus.
I felt the emptiness go and felt so at peace,
despite all the turmoil, drama, and all those stressful moments in my life.

I always know that You are with me.
Look at my new family now and the love and understanding that I feel from all the brothers and sisters in Christ.
It is so overwhelming; I feel I am so blessed.
I know the path I’m on will not be smooth or easy,
but I know and believe that I am Your daughter and that You love me.


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