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I Constantly Pray

Adapted from prayer requests by Release International’s partner in Central Asia – Pavel.

Father God,

I constantly pray for peace, unity, and mutual understanding between the Christian brothers and sisters in Central Asia. May they work together well even when they have a difference of opinion.

I constantly pray for churches in the countries of Central Asia to resist theological errors. Please protect the integrity and credibility of their witness to the surrounding community.

I constantly pray for the churches in the countries of Central Asia to build good relations with the central and local authorities, as well as with the surrounding Islamic society. In everything may they act as the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Help them to respond with wisdom and grace when they are opposed.

I constantly pray that our young Christians will be able to study at universities and receive a good education. Through this may they have the opportunity to preach the gospel in student communities and have access to good jobs in the future.

I constantly pray that mission trips will resume soon because personal, face-to-face meetings with our co-workers are so important.

Thank You, Father, that more people in Central Asia now have the opportunity to hear the gospel than ever before. Thank You that Your church is growing.


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