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Country: Eritrea


Sometimes referred to as the North Korea of Africa, Eritrea is governed by dictator president Isaias Afewerki. Since 2002 religious practice has been forcefully restricted with only four religious groups officially recognised and tightly controlled by the state.

In this context Evangelical and Pentecostal Christians have been ruthlessly persecuted. Thousands have been imprisoned without trial over the years and prevented from seeing their families, some for more than ten years in very difficult conditions. Coupled with a stagnant economy and enforced military conscription, persecution has forced many Eritrean Christians to flee the country. Some have claimed asylum in Europe, others remain in refugee camps in Ethiopia where recent military conflict has caused further displacement and suffering.

The Project

The Refugee Support project provides food packages and accommodation support to vulnerable Christian families who have recently been displaced from refugee camps in northern Ethiopia. Vocational training is also being given to a number of refugees to enable them to establish small businesses and generate an income for their families.

What Your Support Achieves

Through your support hundreds of vulnerable Christian refugees are receiving practical help and pastoral care. This physical and spiritual support sustains them, assuring them that they belong to the Body of Christ and helping them to persevere in their faith.

If you would like to support this project, or others like it, please visit releaseinternational.org/give and select ‘Help Christians in Flight’ from the drop-down menu.

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