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Shelter Ministry

Country: Malaysia


Islam is the majority faith in Malaysia. Although the country officially promotes pluralism (Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism being the other main religions) and has a secular ethos, there are many fundamentalists who are pushing for the political implementation of Sharia (Islamic law). Sharia has already been introduced in a small number of states, and although currently it is not thought to be strictly enforced, the fact that this has been accepted at government level has forced the people of other faiths to fear increasing restrictions and oppression.

In this context converts to Jesus are especially vulnerable. They can be accused of blasphemy which can result in loss of employment, arrest, and even detention in re-education facilities. Female converts in particular have little legal protection and can face heart-breaking disputes over custody of their children.

The Project

The Shelter Ministry project is focused on protecting and supporting new believers who face rejection because of their faith and may have been forced to leave their homes. Within the life of a small Christian community they are nurtured, discipled and helped to educate their children in Kingdom of God values.

The strong pastoral emphasis is facilitated through almost daily contact with the new believers, regular visits to house fellowships and consistent Bible teaching. Assistance is also given to enlist children in special schools or directed home learning. The project is sensitive, and security is a continual concern.

What Your Support Achieves

Vulnerable new believers are being cared for, encouraged and discipled. The practical provision of shelter and schooling shows them that they are welcome and belong to the Body of Christ.

If you would like to support this project, or others like it, please visit releaseinternational.org/give and select ‘Christians suffering oppression for the sake of the gospel’ from the drop-down menu.

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