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Village Transformation Ministry

Country: Pakistan


Christians make up around 2.5% of Pakistan’s Muslim-majority population. Throughout their lives they are subject to oppression and discrimination in all areas of life: at work, in education, in accessing services and in the legal system. For many the only employment options available are low paid and dangerous such as street cleaners and brick kiln workers.

Christians are vulnerable to spurious accusations of blasphemy which can result in mob violence, arrest, and long-term imprisonment. Christian women in particular experience many kinds of abuse including abduction, rape, forced marriage and forced conversion.

The Project

The Village Transformation Ministry project focuses on supporting church leaders and the wider Christian community in several rural villages. In these areas, poverty is high and literacy levels are often low. Many blasphemy accusations have emerged from this context. The project aims to support and resource local pastors as they disciple their congregations and engage with the wider more nominally Christian community.

Our partner leads practical Bible teaching seminars and encourages village pastors to share and pray for each other. Believers are encouraged to recognise their dignity and identity in Jesus and to live in a way which reflects this. Guidance is given in how to best respond to persecution with grace, wisdom, and courage. In this way, when a threat or false allegation is made, the Christian community is equipped to be peacemakers and can help to de-escalate the situation.

What Your Support Achieves

Through weekly visits the project engages with more than 100 church leaders and more than 1,000 Christians in the wider village communities each year. Pastors are encouraged, and people are growing in faith and learning to persevere in the face of oppression.

If you would like to support this project, or others like it, please visit releaseinternational.org/give and select ‘Christians suffering oppression for the sake of the gospel’ from the drop-down menu.

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