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The God Who Sees

Genesis 16

By Chioma Fanawopo

In Genesis 16, after arranging for her husband Abraham to sleep with her servant Hagar, Sarah turns against her servant. Hagar is forced to flee, but the angel of the Lord finds her in the wilderness and reassures her that God knows about her distress. In fact, despite Sarah’s unjust treatment of her, the Lord is going to bless Hagar and give her numerous descendants. Hagar responds by calling out to the Lord by the Hebrew name, El Roi – the God who sees. Today, God continues to see the injustice experienced by His people and He calls us to do the same.


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In Genesis chapter 16, due to her longstanding battle with infertility, Sarah advises her husband Abraham to sleep with her Egyptian servant Hagar. Although it may seem strange to us, this practice was common in that culture and it still happens in some places today. Abraham accepts Sarah’s proposal and Hagar becomes pregnant. Read more…

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