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Wurmbrand Archive #2

Call Upon Me in the Day of Trouble

By Sabina Wurmbrand

Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand in 1979
Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand in 1979


‘Once, one Sunday morning, my husband was stolen from the street – kidnapped. We went around asking, ‘Where is he?’ Nowhere was he to be discovered. We went to the police, to the prisons, everywhere, nobody could answer. He [simply] disappeared. Our Swedish ambassador went to the minister and asked … the Communist minister, ‘I heard that Wurmbrand is in prison.’ She laughed and said, ‘How could you dare to say such things? We, the Communists, we don’t arrest pastors. He is free somewhere. He fled to Denmark and is there.’ And so, we couldn’t discover him. All was taken from him. As I heard afterwards, even his name, so that nobody could discover him.

Then, ten of us, ten Christians, began to fast and to pray. And after one week a young lady came to our home and said, ‘Immediately come with me.’ In going round to ask at the police stations and prisons about the pastor Wurmbrand, at a certain moment she looked and through a window in the cellar, there was Pastor Wurmbrand.

I went immediately [and] I saw him. And we could tell everyone, I could tell the ambassador that we have seen [him] and his life was spared. They could not kill him because it was seen and heard and known that he is in prison.

Now whosoever comes from our country knows that such things don’t arise – that you could see a prisoner from the yard through the window. It was a miracle of God. God has made this to spare his life and He [gave] us this sign [so] that we could glorify Him. We called Him in the day of trouble, and He has answered.

And now, I would have many, many things to tell you. Even if I would have a thousand tongues, I could not tell you all the wonders that God has made for us, answering every time when we called Him in the day of trouble. And giving us every time strength to glorify Him, even being there in the depths of trouble.

My time passes very quickly and so I will tell you only that afterwards years passed, and [there] was again a great trouble. Everywhere in the country it was heard that my husband died in prison. And not only that it was heard there but men came to announce to me officially that, ‘Wurmbrand already died. And you don’t need to pray anymore for him – he is no more there. He died.’ I [even] received letters trying to comfort me. And again, I was in great trouble. And I called upon the Lord.

And one day, I was in my small room. The door opened. Richard came in, spoke to me, and I knew he is alive. It was a present from God. That I may know that He answers the prayers. I knew he is alive and could go on. ‘Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you.’

And now today, I must tell you that, in the moment when after many years Richard came home – God had brought him home. And I, coming home from town, just wished to embrace him. He told me, ‘No, don’t embrace me. I will tell you first two things: don’t think that I came from [the] sadness of the prison to the joy of my home. I come from the joy of having been with my Lord in prison to the joy of being with Him together in my home with my dear ones.’ And I could understand. And then he said, ‘Don’t think that I come from foreigners to [my own]. I am coming from [my own] in prison to my dear ones at home. And now, if you wish, you can embrace me.’ You can imagine how it was.

Today, what could I say? There is a word in the psalm, ‘Praise the Lord for He is good, and His mercy endures forever.’ 

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