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Wurmbrand Archive #3

To Do the Will of the Father

By Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand


Jesus says unto his disciples, ‘My meat is to do the will of Him that sent me, and to finish His work.’ This was his meat dear brethren, dear sisters, and very beloved children. This is also the meat of every Christian – to do the will of the Father.

Now the will of the Father varies. God has not made the bees to produce honey only for sinners. Honey is made for saints too. And if a Christian enjoys honey, enjoys a good meal and a pleasant life, he is doing the will of his Father. He is eating the meat which Christ has eaten – to do your Father’s will.

But then the Father’s will for Jesus was also to be bound, to be mocked, to be spat upon, to be flogged, to be crucified, to pass through hardships, and there he continued to feed upon the meat which was allotted to him by his Father. He did his Father’s will, not only when it was pleasant, but also when it was unpleasant. And to this we too are called. We are called to enjoy the sun and the rain and the moon and the stars and the beauties of this world, [and] we are called to something else too. The Lord said, ‘[whoever] wishes to follow me should deny himself and should take daily his cross.’

Today is the 3rd of May 1970 and you are disciples of Jesus. What cross have you taken today? The command is to take a cross daily. ‘Well today is Sunday and I was in a hurry to arrive to church.’ What cross have you taken yesterday? What cross have you taken the day before yesterday? Our meat is to do the will of the Father when it is pleasant but also when it involves hardships.

There are hardships in the West. There are moments when everything in you rebels and you have such a passion and such a desire to do something which is forbidden by the Lord and you have to fight against it, to overcome. And if you have been defeated to try again, and if defeated again to try again, and the Holy Spirit will conquer in the end.

But I wish to speak to you today about those who live in a special type of hardship, about the persecuted Christians in Communist countries. They eat this meat. They do the will of the Father even if it means torture and death.

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