NIGERIA: A DANGEROUS AGENDA Radio documentary by Release

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Release International has produced a major radio documentary examining the growing number of attacks against Christian communities in Nigeria. The documentary features Release workers who arrived at the scene of an attack shortly after militants had left, leaving houses still burning. The 22-minute feature is available to listen to or to download below.

The documentary exposes the new menace facing Christians in Nigeria – heavily armed herdsmen who are attacking their villages and driving them from their homes. Observers say the mainly Muslim Fulani herders are now slaughtering six times as many people as Boko Haram terrorists.

Some are warning of a jihad, intended to wipe the north clean of its Christians, while others foresee danger in portraying the conflict as a religious war.

This report from Andrew Boyd of Release International picks up on the aftermath of a Fulani attack in Nigeria. The villagers claim security forces, who were supposed to protect them, actually sided with their attackers…

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22m 41s

You can download a full transcript of this documentary here.