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#PRAY50 week 51 prayer (December 30th)

Holy Lord,

We lift to you all those who have set their hearts against you, through ignorance or through fear. Lord, forgive them because, as Jesus said, they don’t know what they are doing (Luke 23:34).

As the year draws to a close, Lord, cause them to reflect on what motivates them, whether they are Boko Haram extremists in Nigeria, militants in Pakistan or officials in Kim Jong-Un’s regime in North Korea.

Meet with them in dreams and visions, Lord – and show them your perfect plan for their lives, the hope and future for which you created them. Show them that they were designed to walk in step with you and to be dependent on you. Please win them for eternity through your unshakeable, unconditional love, Lord.



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#PRAY50 week 50 prayer (December 23rd)

Heavenly Father,

We praise you for the gift of your precious Son at Christmas. Lord Emmanuel, God with us, thank you for your peace and presence with us at this special time of year – and always.

Be with those who suffer for the name of Jesus. Please speak through their testimony and their tears, their suffering and their strength, to those who persecute them.

Cause the persecutors to stop and wonder, so that they may be arrested by your love.

Lord, we pray that they too will call on the name of Jesus, Prince of peace, as the church worships you this Christmas. May they find mercy and forgiveness, joy and salvation in you.



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#PRAY50 week 49 prayer (December 16th)

Almighty God and King

We lift the troubled nation of Iraq to you and ask you to restore order and bring peace to the hearts and minds of its people. Though the violence and horrors of recent years have subsided, security remains elusive.

Lord, please help your people to restore unity and peace in Iraq. May their witness speak of love to those who hate them and their forgiveness astound those who have caused them injury. May their faith serve as a signpost to those who doubt and may their love point to you, Lord – so that many of those who despised your name will come to adore it.



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#PRAY50 week 48 prayer (December 9th)

Lord of all,

You alone are worthy of all praise! You rule and reign over all the earth: I worship you!

I lift to you, Lord, all those in authority over Vietnam, from government ministers to judges to police officers. You created each and every one and love each one, even those who don’t recognise you.

May they start to question their distrust of Christians whom they jail for trying to ‘overthrow the government’ when all they have done is spoken up for religious freedom.

Open the eyes of those in power, sovereign Lord, to see that your people in Vietnam love their land and want to serve others.



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#PRAY50 week 47 prayer (December 2nd)

Our Heavenly Father, the one true God,

We lift to you our persecuted brothers and sisters in Sudan, a nation where the Government does not hide its intention to eradicate Christianity.

Reveal yourself to those who believe that to turn to Christ is tantamount to apostasy. Speak to those who consider the church a threat to national security.

With a still small voice, whisper to the persecutors about your great love of Sudan, and about the plans you have to redeem their lives and restore their hope.

Lord, may your people in Sudan be a powerful witness to your love, power and truth.



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#PRAY50 week 46 prayer (November 25th)

Lord of all, we offer you thanks and praise that the government of Eritrea is under your control. Let your name be glorified across this East African nation!

Please comfort your people who are in prison in Eritrea. However appalling the conditions they are being held in, make them radiant with your love and your grace, Lord.

May your presence within them overwhelm their persecutors. Convict prison guards and officials by your Spirit.

May they recognise your lordship and authority, and fall to their knees before you, the King of Kings.



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#PRAY50 week 45 prayer (November 18th)

Heavenly Father,

We lift to you our family in Sri Lanka who are hard pressed on all sides. Strengthen them, please, Lord, as Hindu and Buddhist extremists train their sights on your followers.

Father, frustrate the efforts of those who have been spreading hatred towards the church and trying to incite violence. Lord, may their poisonous words fall on deaf ears and stony ground.

Give boldness to your people so they speak out words of love and compassion, justice and peace. May their words fall on fertile ground and put down deep roots.

Father, please show the hate-mongers your extreme and unconditional love. May they choose blessings, not curses, and life, not death (Deuteronomy 30:19).



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#PRAY50 week 44 prayer (November 11th)

Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace,

Despite the heat and anger of hardliners and extremists in Pakistan who have been so enraged by the acquittal of Asia Bibi let your voice of peace be heard.

We pray specifically for the leaders of the radical Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan party: may they turn away from speech that stokes intolerance and stirs up hatred against Christians and religious minorities.

Jesus, we pray that those who hate your name will taste and see that you are good through the witness of the church. Renew their minds, Lord: your kingdom come in Pakistan!



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#PRAY50 week 43 prayer (November 4th)

Merciful Father, we lift to you the remnant of Islamic State still thought to be in Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

Lord, you know where they are and who they are: you created each in their mother’s womb.

As they consider next steps, may they consider those they have been persecuting and killing.

May they consider the deep-rooted faith of Christians in Syria – and start to seek you out. Bring them to their knees in repentance, Lord Jesus. Show them the Way.



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#PRAY50 week 42 prayer (October 28th)

Lord, we lift our church family in Nigeria to you. You know all of them by name and each is the apple of your eye, loving heavenly Father.

It’s hard for us to understand but you love each and every one of the men of violence too, even though you hate what they are doing. You created them, with a plan and purpose for their lives.

Lord, we pray that the key leaders of Boko Haram will start to search for real meaning in their lives and to question their purpose on this planet. Unsettle them, Lord, fill them with disquiet: then gently show them your Way, your plan and purpose for their lives.

May they find themselves at a crossroads, as in Jeremiah 6:16, and may they choose the good way and walk in it – and there find rest for their souls.



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#PRAY50 week 41 prayer (October 21st)

Heavenly Father, we pray for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Islamic State and the ‘world’s most wanted man’.

Lord, convict him and those he directs of the emptiness and futility of their actions.

Continue to thwart Islamic State’s plans to turn Iraq and Syria into a caliphate. Weaken their influence and stall their recruitment plan, Lord.

And in your mercy, open their eyes to the truth of the gospel.



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#PRAY50 week 40 prayer (October 14th)

Heavenly Father, your people in Bhutan are hard pressed on all sides – but not crushed.

Please sustain them, Lord, and remind them that their strength is in you and you alone. Remind them that you overcame the world.

Show your love and faithfulness to the officials, the neighbours, the Buddhist monks who all conspire to make life difficult for your people. Reveal yourself to them in all your glory so they understand just who it is they are rejecting.

Lord of all, may your name be exalted across Bhutan.



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#PRAY50 week 39 prayer (October 7th)

Lord, you warned that brother would turn against brother, fathers would betray their children, because people would reject you (Matthew 10:21).

We lift to you our friends in Afghanistan where people’s opposition to Christianity is tearing families apart and where your people are rejected by their nearest and dearest.

Father, please work in the hearts of family members whose relatives have turned to Christ.

May they start to hunger for the blessings they see you pouring out upon Christian relatives, and desire for themselves the deep peace they witness in their relatives’ lives. Draw them after you with cords of human kindness, Lord.



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#PRAY50 week 38 prayer (September 30th)

Lord, you call your church a city on a hilltop which cannot be hidden. Help us to shine the light of your love into even the darkest places on the planet.

Father, we cry out to you for Syria and for an end to the violence that has gripped that fractured nation for so long.

May the quiet witness of your people there speak deep into the hearts of the men and women of violence, the militias and the army.

Lord, we pray that people in their droves in Syria and across the Middle East will be drawn by the light of your love and surrender their lives to you, for your glory.




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#PRAY50 week 37 prayer (September 23rd)

Father, thank you that you knew us before we were even conceived, and you have a plan and purpose for our lives. You are not a vengeful God, but a loving God whose plan is to prosper us and give us hope.

Lord, we speak this truth over those in Laos who are persecuting your people today. We declare your goodness, gentleness and mercy over them.

May they start to question the meaning of life and the reason for their own existence – and may they recognise the God-shaped hole in their life.

Meet them, Lord, and show them that the best is yet to come if they surrender their lives and walk in step with you.



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#PRAY50 week 36 prayer (September 16th)

Lord Jesus, thank you for making a way so that we can approach your throne of grace with confidence (Hebrews 4:16).

We praise you that the same applies to anyone who comes to you in repentance and faith – whatever their past. What has gone before has no bearing on our future in you.

Lord, the same applies to the cruellest of prison guards in North Korea and the most ruthless of leaders. May this truth about your grace and your mercy reach the ears of North Korea’s most notorious persecutors, and may it resound deep in their hearts.

We pray for a miracle, Lord: that North Korea’s leaders will turn to you and lead the people into repentance and faith in you. May the capital Pyongyang be called the ‘Jerusalem of the East’ once again.



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#PRAY50 week 35 prayer (September 9th)

Loving heavenly Father, your goodness never fails and you never change.

We lift to you those people in Iran who are persecuting your people because they don’t know you, Lord – whether they are judges or prison guards, officials or even family and neighbours.

We pray that your Word and your Truth will break through into their lives so that they see you in all your glory and in all your goodness.

Lord, meet that deep need inside them for love and reassurance, and cast out all fear.



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#PRAY50 week 34 prayer (September 2nd)

Merciful Father, we pray for those who are persecuting your people in India, even to the point of death.

Lord, we thank you that you are rich in mercy and that you showed mercy to each one of us, when you gave your precious Son to die for us on the cross.

Lord, please show mercy to those who are hounding your people in India, to the violent and to the merciless. Bring them to repentance and show them a better way, Lord.

Thank you, faithful God, that your mercies are new every morning, for anyone and everyone.



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#PRAY50 week 33 prayer (August 26th)

Holy One, we praise you that there is no place on earth where we can flee from your presence. Your love envelopes the whole earth.

We lift to you our family in Central Asia and thank you for your presence with them and faithfulness to them.

Lord, speak to those who do not know you, who refuse to accept you, who will not allow themselves to believe you are real. Whisper words of love to those who believe your church has no place in Central Asia and those who oppose your people.

May your Word spread across this region, breaking down strongholds and destroying the lies of the enemy, by the power of your Holy Spirit.



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#PRAY50 week 32 prayer (August 19th)

Loving Father, we speak your words of love and hope over the troubled nation of Myanmar, in faith: ‘Violence shall no more be heard in your land, devastation or destruction within your borders; you shall call your walls Salvation, and your gates Praise’ (Isaiah 60:18).

We lift to you the men and women of violence who continue to wreak such destruction and pain in the name of national unity.

Lord, please speak to key army officials about the cruelty and injustice of their recent campaigns. Meet them in dramatic ways as you did Saul on the road to Damascus and remove the scales from their eyes.

May these individuals grow into a movement of change for good, so that Myanmar is reborn as a nation.



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#PRAY50 week 31 prayer (August 12th)

Father God, we thank and praise you for the way your people in Algeria are pointing others to you through their faithful witness and service.

We pray for the Algerian officials involved in closing down churches in the north of the country, in what seems to be a concerted campaign of persecution.

Thank you, Lord, that you love every one of those officials.

Please put across their path people, words and signs that will speak to them of your boundless love – and cause them to choose tolerance over persecution. May they choose life and may they choose you.



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#PRAY50 week 30 prayer (August 5th)

Lord, we declare that the beautiful island of Sri Lanka is yours and everyone in it. Your banner over that nation is love.

So, we lift to you those who would sow discord and intolerance and disunity. We pray for those who are prepared to use violence to try to silence your people and impose their beliefs.

Please give Christians in Sri Lanka the courage and determination to be peace-makers and channels of your love – so that their persecutors will start to doubt their own agenda.

Lord, we pray that the men and women of violence will recognise you as their Saviour, Prince of Peace and Lord of all.



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#PRAY50 week 29 prayer (July 29th)

Dear God, we lift to you all those who are responsible for keeping your people behind bars in Iran – from judges to prison guards.

As sentences become increasingly harsh, we pray that you will touch the hearts of those charged with administering justice in Iran. Please speak to them about what true justice is and cause them to question the judicial system that they uphold.

Thank you, Lord, that you came to set the captives free. Break the chains off those who do not know you, Lord.

Like Paul and Silas’s jailer in Acts 16, may they fall down and recognise you as the God of justice and their king.



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#PRAY50 week 28 prayer (July 22nd)

Father, we thank you that you are a loving father who holds us close and keeps us safe.

Lord, we lift to you the men and women of violence in India who threaten and attack your people there.

We pray that they will recognise their need of you – a father who loves them unconditionally.

We pray that your persecutors in India will hear and accept your invitation to make them co-heirs with Christ. And we pray that they will see those they persecute today as their brothers and sisters and become one body in Christ.



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#PRAY50 week 27 prayer (July 15th)

Heavenly Father, we lift to you our brothers and sisters in Central Asia who are ‘hard pressed on every side’ (2 Corinthians 4:8). We praise you that you give them the strength to endure and overcome.

Lord, we ask you to speak to those who persecute your people in Central Asia, whether they are relatives or officials, neighbours or the government.

Frustrate their efforts to crush, weaken and destroy. Make them marvel at the staying power and strong faith of our Christian family, and start to question what, or rather who, it is that sustains them.

May they recognise that you Lord, their opponent, are reaching out in love to them too.



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#PRAY50 week 26 prayer (July 8th)

Lord, we pray for the beautiful island of Sri Lanka and its people.

We pray especially for those of other faiths who see you as a threat to their beliefs and worldview, and who persecute Christians because they carry your name.

Teach them that they have nothing to fear from your people or from you – and speak to them about your great love for them.

Father, show them that your people care deeply for their country – and for all its people – and only want the best for them. Thank you, Lord, that the best is you!



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#PRAY50 week 25 prayer (July 1st)

Lord Jesus, we praise you because you have all authority and, at your name, every knee must bow.

We lift Kenya to you and ask you to stand against the tide of persecution rising against Christians.

Please block the ears of those who might be open and vulnerable to extremists trying to recruit new followers. Remind Kenyans that their nation has a good, strong record on religious freedom and tolerance, and that these things matter in a democracy.

Lord, we pray that you will show extremists the folly of their ways, and frustrate their efforts to sow division. May Kenyans unite against the things that threaten to divide them, Lord, for your glory.



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#PRAY50 week 24 prayer (June 24th)

Lord, your name is above all names and none compares with you, King above all kings.

We praise you that the government of China is on your shoulders and the Government of that nation answers to you. You know the name of every official in China – and you love them as sons and daughters.

Lord, we pray that the Holy Spirit will move among China’s authorities and speak to them about repressive policies such as recent church demolitions. Help them to see that those behind bars in China for their faith do not deserve to be there.

Give Chinese officials a vision of how great their nation could be if they walked in step with you, Lord.



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#PRAY50 week 23 prayer (June 17th)

Lord, we thank you that your perfect plan for humanity is that we are restored to living in close relationship with you and with one another.

We lift Mexico to you and ask you, merciful Lord, to convict those in power that they need to do more to end the divisions and corruption that dog their nation.

We pray that the Government will take firm action to protect your people from violence, persecution and discrimination – for the good of their nation.

Lord, please raise up a new generation of leaders in Mexico who want to work towards unity, peace, equality and religious freedom.



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#PRAY50 week 22 prayer (June 10th)

Lord, we praise you as the One who makes all things new. Whatever our past, you wipe clean our slate and extend the promise of new life to everyone.

We pray for Bhutan, a nation rich in history and steeped in traditions, and a country which is keen to hold on to its traditional religions and customs.

Lord, we pray that you will open the eyes of officials in Bhutan and help them see that Christians offer no threat to the nation, even if they turn their back on ancient rituals.

Father, we pray that those in authority will discover new life in you – life in all its fullness (John 10:10).



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#PRAY50 week 21 prayer (June 3rd)

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for breaking down walls and casting aside barriers when people are united in your perfect love.

We lift to you the beautiful country of Laos and ask you to bless its people, even though so many do not recognise you.

We ask you, Lord, to speak peace and reconciliation into divided communities where some have turned to Christ and are perceived as a threat to cherished traditions.

Touch the hearts of village leaders who see new Christians as traitors – and pray that they will start to see your people instead as peacemakers and channels of your love.



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#PRAY50 week 20 prayer (May 27th)

Lord, thank you that your Spirit is everywhere: there is nowhere on earth beyond your reach (Psalm 139.

We lift up to you our brothers and sisters in Bhutan, a remote land where to be Bhutanese is to be a Buddhist. To be Christian is to be a second-class citizen.

Lord, thank you that Bhutan is known as one of the ‘happiest places on earth’. We pray that its people will embrace you and that your joy will become their strength.

Break down their distrust of Christianity and ‘foreign religions’ – and draw them into relationship with you, the true and living God.



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#PRAY50 week 19 prayer (May 20th)

Father God, we praise you that your perfect love drives out all fear.

Lord, we lift to you the religious and state officials in Iran who persecute your people – for fear that Christians will undermine the state and the status quo.

Please speak to that fear and overwhelm politicians and prison guards, imams and ayatollahs, with your love. Show them they have nothing to fear from Christians who want to serve others and build your kingdom in Iran.

Show them too that they have nothing to lose by reaching out to you, Lord – and everything to gain.



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#PRAY50 week 18 prayer (May 13th)

Lord of all, we thank you that you are even-handed and you look with love on every person you ever created, regardless of how they treat your people.

Lord, we lift to you our Christian family in Egypt who are routinely discriminated against in many areas of the country.

We pray that judges will be convicted of the need to deal fairly with Muslims and Christians alike and mete out justice equally to all.

Father, speak to those in power in Egypt and convict them of the need to uphold religious liberty and ensure that all citizens enjoy equal rights. Make Egypt a bastion of peace and equality in a troubled region, Lord.


#PRAY50 week 17 prayer (May 6th)

Father, thank you that you are ‘slow to anger and rich in love’ (Psalm 145:8).

Lord, teach us how to respond graciously to those who attack and even kill our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan. It’s hard not to let our feelings run away with us and to want to see them punished.

But we want to respond as you do, Father, and look on those persecutors with love and mercy, rather than with rage.

Lord, show mercy to those who show no mercy to our family in Pakistan. Teach them the error of their ways and lead them in the way everlasting.


#PRAY50 week 16 prayer (April 29th)

Lord, thank you that we are one in Christ and so our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan are part of our family.

We lift to you Christians in Afghanistan whose relatives have turned against them – because they have turned to you and ‘brought shame’ on the family.

Lord, please pour oil on troubled waters and bring reconciliation between these broken families. Use your sons and daughters in Christ to show their earthly families the power of your love and forgiveness.

We pray that, through the witness of Afghan Christians, whole families and entire tribes will come to know you as Abba Father.


#PRAY50 week 15 prayer (April 22nd)

Heavenly Father, you are Lord of all the earth and you reign over every nation – including those like Myanmar that don’t recognise you

Thank you, Lord, that you are the breaker of chains, the One who speaks to hard hearts and unstops deaf ears.

Lord, we lift those in authority in Myanmar to you and ask you to give them dreams and visions about your kingdom. Speak to them of your majesty and power – and of how you long for them to know you as Saviour.

Help them to see that your people in Myanmar love their nation. Lord, we pray in faith that you, the Prince of Peace, will bring true peace to everyone in Myanmar. For your glory, we ask.


#PRAY50 week 14 prayer (April 15th)

Lord Jesus, we lift Colombia and its people to you as it emerges from a long civil war and sets about building the peace.

Jesus, Prince of Peace, please speak to those who persecute your people and see the church in Colombia as a threat, whether they are criminal gangs, guerrillas or indigenous groups.

Open their eyes, Lord, so they see that your people are working for peace, for change, for the good of their nation, not for themselves.

Help people to put aside their agendas, their struggles for land and wealth, for power and authority, and lead them along a different path, one that leads to peace and unity.


#PRAY50 week 13 prayer (April 8th)

Heavenly Father, we thank you that you can speak to the most stubborn of hearts, even to those who have given themselves over to evil.

We lift to you those who have set their hearts against your people and your work in Malaysia: the bomb-throwers and kidnappers, the extremists and hardliners.

Lord, give them glimpses of an alternative road to tread. Instil in them a restlessness and a frustration with the choices they have made. Put people across their path who will challenge their belief systems.

Help them to understand in their hearts, Lord, your perfect plan for their lives – and help them to embrace it.


#PRAY50 week 12 prayer (April 1st)

Lord, we praise you that you are bringing good news, proclaiming peace and salvation, to those who live in the mountains of Vietnam, such as you did in Isaiah 52.

Thank you, Lord, for drawing so many ethnic Hmong people to you, despite the persecution that can bring.

Father, we ask you to use the witness of these mountain-dwelling Christians to speak to the hearts of people they meet: neighbours, village chiefs, local officials and all those who are determined to make the Hmong turn their back on you.

Prompt these persecutors to ask why Hmong Christians are prepared to pay such a high price to follow you. Help them to take that first step towards you, loving Father.


#PRAY50 week 11 prayer (March 25th)

Father God, we thank you that you cause the desert to burst into flower and new life to spring up where none seems possible. You speak new life into dry bones, Lord.

We lift the nation of Iraq to you, and those who want to deliver their nation into devastation, destitution and sin.

Melt the hard hearts of the extremists and make them weary of their violence. Turn them, Lord, into people who will sow peace and harmony, who will weed out extremism and discord.

In faith, we pray, Lord: make them to be like a well-watered garden in a sun-scorched land, a people who will help build a hope-filled future for Iraq.


#PRAY50 week 10 prayer (March 18th)

Lord, we pray for President Isaias Afewerki and all those in power in Eritrea.

Thank you that President Afewerki knows your name, Lord – as he was raised in the Christian Highlands of Eritrea. We pray that he will hear your voice too, just as his namesake Isaiah did.

May he seek your face, Lord; may he come to know you as his Lord and Saviour, for his sake and for the sake of his country.

And through Isaias Afewerki, we pray that every official in the Eritrean regime will come to know you and bow their knee before you, Sovereign Lord.


#PRAY50 week 9 prayer (March 11th)

Father, thank you that you love China and her people with all your heart, including those who persecute Christians.

We may struggle to comprehend it but we know that your unconditional love extends even to the torturers.

Lord, we declare that your banner over China is love. We thank you for the amazing grace and powerful witness of your people there who demonstrate that love through their lives.

We pray that all those people who harass, persecute, imprison and torture our Christian family in China will be arrested by your love. May they be confronted with the reality of the fear and hate that drive them – and may they choose instead life in you, Lord.


#PRAY50 week 8 prayer (March 4th)

Lord God, you created everyone in your own image, including those who have turned their back on you and rebelled against you.

Thank you that you know intimately every Islamist extremist in Egypt who is persecuting Christians. They too are precious to you, even if their actions cause you grief and pain.

Speak to their hearts, God, and open their eyes to see that only you are the Way, the Truth and the Life, and the Good Shepherd who leads his people in paths of righteousness.

Lord, we want to see your Spirit move among the ranks of so-called Islamic State in Egypt and elsewhere, so that their swords become ploughshares and their hatred turns to love.


#PRAY50 week 7 prayer (February 25th)

Heavenly Father, thank you that you are Lord over all the earth and the government is on your shoulders.

We lift to you the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, and ask you to speak to him in dreams, in visions and through unexpected people – about your awesome majesty and your deep love for him. We pray that the Supreme Leader will learn to live in reverent fear of you, Lord.

We pray that you will sow seeds of doubt in Kim Jong-un’s closest advisers about what they are living for – and give them a deep longing to discover more about you.

May the name of Jesus be lifted high above Pyongyang, just as it was at the start of the last century – for your glory, Lord.


#PRAY50 week 6 prayer (February 18th)

Dear Jesus, give us the faith to pray for big issues and tough situations such as those facing our family in Pakistan.

Lord, we thank you that you are the same Jesus who spoke to the storm and calmed the waves. Speak to the growing swell of extremism and intolerance in Pakistan, and cause it to subside.

Lord, please speak to the hearts of radical imams and extremist leaders. Take away their appetite for unrest and violence: defuse their anger.

May they see that righteousness lies elsewhere, in pursing peace and walking in close relationship with you, Lord.


#PRAY50 week 5 prayer (February 11th)

Lord, we pray for those who are trying to erase Your name and Your people from Sudan. We praise you that the government of the world is on Your shoulders and you rule and reign in Sudan.

Give visions and dreams to those in authority in Khartoum: may President Omar al-Bashir and his ministers hear Your name and start to wonder why believers are willing to pay such a high price for following you.

Speak to Sudanese officials of every rank, disturb their sleep and interrupt their thoughts: nudge them to find out more about you, Lord.

Pray that they will be overcome by a reverent fear of you, Lord, so they stop their acts of violence, their arrests and their church closures.


#PRAY50 week 4 prayer (February 4th)

Heavenly Father, show us your heart for those we write off as murderers and terrorists.

We lift to you members of al-Shabaab and their sympathisers inside Kenya, who are targeting both Kenyan Christians and believers of Somali descent.

Lord, help us to pray for those with hard hearts: reveal to us the reasons for their choices and attitudes, so we can see them as you do.

Through Your Holy Spirit, speak to the person behind the mask and the weapon, and remind them of Your unconditional love. Lord, may they see the vanity and cruelty of their violence. May they see you in all Your glory and fall to their knees before you.


#PRAY50 week 3 prayer (January 28th)

Lord God, we lift to you all those who are intent on crushing the spirits and destroying the lives of our family in Nigeria.

Father, for the Fulani herdsmen who attack Christian villages with impunity, we pray that you will rid them of the desire to raid and destroy, and replace it with a deep longing for peace.

We pray that you will turn Boko Haram terrorists away from sin and violence. Speak to the hearts of their leaders and rank-and-file members, Lord, and teach them to walk in paths of peace.

Father, we pray in faith that this year the men and women of violence will tire of bloodshed and start to look for meaning and purpose in their lives. May they find it in you, Lord!


#PRAY50 week 2 prayer (January 21st)

Heavenly Father, we pray for those who are persecuting our Christian family in India.

We ask you, Lord, to touch the hearts of key leaders in Hindu nationalist movements such as Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. We ask you to give them an alternative vision of a thriving nation where religious freedoms are cherished.

Father, we ask you to speak to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cabinet: prompt them to act to calm the swell of intolerance in India.

And we pray for ordinary people from all walks of life, that they will unite in an effort to make India a tolerant nation where Your people can build Your kingdom, for Your glory.


#PRAY50 week 1 prayer (January 14th)

Almighty God, please give us Your compassion to intercede for those who attack and harm our Christian family.

Grant us the faith to believe that even torturers and terrorists can be transformed by Your love.

In just one holy encounter you reversed the destiny of the Apostle Paul forever: from great persecutor to greater church-planter.

Let Your Holy Spirit bring many more ‘Pauls’ to faith in Jesus in our generation!


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