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#PRAY50 week 6 prayer (February 18th)

Dear Jesus, give us the faith to pray for big issues and tough situations such as those facing our family in Pakistan.

Lord, we thank you that you are the same Jesus who spoke to the storm and calmed the waves. Speak to the growing swell of extremism and intolerance in Pakistan, and cause it to subside.

Lord, please speak to the hearts of radical imams and extremist leaders. Take away their appetite for unrest and violence: defuse their anger.

May they see that righteousness lies elsewhere, in pursing peace and walking in close relationship with you, Lord.


#PRAY50 week 5 prayer (February 11th)

Lord, we pray for those who are trying to erase Your name and Your people from Sudan. We praise you that the government of the world is on Your shoulders and you rule and reign in Sudan.

Give visions and dreams to those in authority in Khartoum: may President Omar al-Bashir and his ministers hear Your name and start to wonder why believers are willing to pay such a high price for following you.

Speak to Sudanese officials of every rank, disturb their sleep and interrupt their thoughts: nudge them to find out more about you, Lord.

Pray that they will be overcome by a reverent fear of you, Lord, so they stop their acts of violence, their arrests and their church closures.


#PRAY50 week 4 prayer (February 4th)

Heavenly Father, show us your heart for those we write off as murderers and terrorists.

We lift to you members of al-Shabaab and their sympathisers inside Kenya, who are targeting both Kenyan Christians and believers of Somali descent.

Lord, help us to pray for those with hard hearts: reveal to us the reasons for their choices and attitudes, so we can see them as you do.

Through Your Holy Spirit, speak to the person behind the mask and the weapon, and remind them of Your unconditional love. Lord, may they see the vanity and cruelty of their violence. May they see you in all Your glory and fall to their knees before you.


#PRAY50 week 3 prayer (January 28th)

Lord God, we lift to you all those who are intent on crushing the spirits and destroying the lives of our family in Nigeria.

Father, for the Fulani herdsmen who attack Christian villages with impunity, we pray that you will rid them of the desire to raid and destroy, and replace it with a deep longing for peace.

We pray that you will turn Boko Haram terrorists away from sin and violence. Speak to the hearts of their leaders and rank-and-file members, Lord, and teach them to walk in paths of peace.

Father, we pray in faith that this year the men and women of violence will tire of bloodshed and start to look for meaning and purpose in their lives. May they find it in you, Lord!


#PRAY50 week 2 prayer (January 21st)

Heavenly Father, we pray for those who are persecuting our Christian family in India.

We ask you, Lord, to touch the hearts of key leaders in Hindu nationalist movements such as Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. We ask you to give them an alternative vision of a thriving nation where religious freedoms are cherished.

Father, we ask you to speak to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cabinet: prompt them to act to calm the swell of intolerance in India.

And we pray for ordinary people from all walks of life, that they will unite in an effort to make India a tolerant nation where Your people can build Your kingdom, for Your glory.


#PRAY50 week 1 prayer (January 14th)

Almighty God, please give us Your compassion to intercede for those who attack and harm our Christian family.

Grant us the faith to believe that even torturers and terrorists can be transformed by Your love.

In just one holy encounter you reversed the destiny of the Apostle Paul forever: from great persecutor to greater church-planter.

Let Your Holy Spirit bring many more ‘Pauls’ to faith in Jesus in our generation!



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