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#PRAY50 Campaign

Throughout 2018 you and your church can help create a powerful surge of prayer by joining our 50-week prayer campaign inspired by the passionate plea of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand to ‘Pray for the persecutors that they may be saved‘.

As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Release, we’d love as many of you as possible to join our #PRAY50 campaign.

From the third week in January we will be producing weekly prayers for use by churches, small groups, prayer groups and individuals. You will find these prayers by visiting the website or Facebook page.

No-one spoke with more authority on this than Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who was the inspiration behind the founding of Release in 1968.

Having personally experienced brutal imprisonment and torture in communist Romania during the 1950s and 1960s because of his uncompromising Christian faith, he was convinced that praying for those who promote hatred and violence against Christians is an important way in which Christians who enjoy religious freedom can directly support their persecuted family.

Richard wrote in his autobiography Tortured for Christ: ‘Western Christians can help us by praying for the persecutors that they may be saved. Such a prayer may seem naïve. We prayed for the communists and they tortured us the next day even worse than before the prayer. But the prayer of the Lord in Jerusalem was also “naïve”. They crucified Him after this prayer. But only a few days later, they beat their breasts and five thousand were converted in one day.’

And of course, Richard knew in spite of his experience, that Jesus himself commands all his followers to ‘love our enemies and pray for them‘ (Matthew 5:44).

So please, will you join us this year and commit to pray for persecutors for 50 weeks? It’s an important way that we can respond to both Pastor Richard Wurmbrand’s plea, and, more importantly, the command of the Lord Jesus.

To view each weekly prayer as it is published go to #PRAY50 weekly prayers