A prayer for Christians like Ivan and Viktoria who are suffering oppression

Lord we pray for all our brothers and sisters who, like Pastor Ivan and Viktoria, have become caught up in so many conflicts around the world.

Father, we ask that you continue to walk with them and sustain them as they seek to care for themselves and others caught up in these conflicts.

Dear Lord, grant them your peace that passes understanding as they struggle to survive and build Your church in spite of the bitter cold, lack of food and violent oppression from hostile military forces.

Help us, Father, to help them with our prayers; and with gifts of money which can be used to support them both spiritually and physically.

Thank you for their faith in You, bless them and help them survive and to break out of this crushing cycle of oppression they have to live with.

In Your precious name we pray.


Please pray for oppressed Christians everywhere

Please pray for God’s protection for Christians in Ukraine. Pray that God will give them emotional, physical and spiritual strength to be agents of His love and compassion.

Pray for the safety of frontline Christian workers who travel to the war zones in Ukraine and to other hostile and restricted places where Christians are being oppressed for their faith.

Please pray that our partners will be able to host a retreat for Ukrainian victims of religious persecution who need to experience God’s healing hand.

Praise God for the amazing witness of evangelical Christians in Ukraine and elsewhere. Praise God for our brothers and sisters in Christ who sacrificially serve their nations and the gospel, often risking their lives.

Pray for the families of those who have already paid the highest price with their lives. Pray that God will shelter, encourage, comfort and sustain them.