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Neither Bomb nor Bullet


Product Description

New biography of Release partner, Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi, of Jos, Nigeria.

‘Three times they’ve tried to kill me. They’ve come close. But each time just makes me more determined to live my life to the full for Jesus.’ So says Release International partner Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi in his new biography by Andrew Boyd.

His story draws us right into the battle raging for the heart of Nigeria. Thousands have been killed and thousands more driven from their homes. But men of faith, such as Archbishop Kwashi, are standing firm.

Neither Bomb Nor Bullet raises key questions about how we should live and act as followers of Jesus in a world where conflict is our everyday context. When it comes to speaking truth to power, living sacrificially and loving extravagantly, we all have much to learn from the courageous example of Archbishop Ben Kwashi.

As well as telling his inspirational faith story Neither Bomb Nor Bullet lays out a pathway for discipleship in the form of a heartfelt letter from Ben packed with practical advice on how to live a life worth living.

Release CEO, Paul Robinson, writes: ‘I have spent time alongside Ben with children as young as seven who bear the savage scars of persecution in their bodies and minds. Right there, alongside those who suffer, Ben chooses to demonstrate God’s love to the persecuted – and the persecutors.’

(Paperback: 336 pages)


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