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Will you support Christians in Central Asia?

Christians in Central Asia are facing huge challenges, and we want to invite you to help them.

Our partner and his co-workers travel to countries like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan to help local Christian workers who are sharing the good news of Jesus and discipling new believers who face persecution.

Most Christians in Central Asia are unable to lead ordinary lives. They can be arrested for reading the Bible in a public place like a bus or a train, or for telling other people about Jesus.

Often the homes of local pastors or believers can be searched and their belongings confiscated by the police because everyday Christian activities like praying together, or doing a Bible study can be deemed as ‘illegal.’

Take Tajikistan, for example. New churches that do not have their own buildings cannot hold Sunday services in other buildings because it’s prohibited by the police.

Obtaining permissions from the government is very difficult and complicated. Also, they do not have the resources to purchase a building. So, they are forced to worship in secret and if they are caught doing this they could face interrogation and heavy fines.

In a new wave of persecution against Christians the government has recently issued new regulations that forbid parents, including Christian parents, to bring children under the age of 18 to church.

Another country where the registration of new churches is impossible is Uzbekistan. This means that Christians who attend these churches are not free to worship God without fear of being intimidated and interrogated by local authorities and security forces.

In Turkmenistan Christians cannot even get together in groups of even three people unless they belong to the same family. Sometimes, small groups of believers take great risks by joining to worship together and listen to their pastor preach from the word as they travel around in private vehicles.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ in Central Asia are enduring great hardships for their faith.

Release channels financial resources to local Christian workers across Central Asia through our trusted ministry partners. When the going gets hard they can count on our prayers and support to help them stand strong in their faith.

Will you send a gift of £30 or whatever you can share today to help Christian workers in Central Asia?

Because of your generosity we can continue to support 22 Christian workers in this region to share the Gospel, serve local churches and disciple new believers.

What’s more, thanks to your generosity we can support our partners who provide encouragement and pastoral care to local church leaders and their churches.

Please send your gift today using the response form on this page.

With your help we can support Christian workers who are serving Jesus by recruiting, discipling and empowering Christians in Central Asia.

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