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Appeal for Christians forced to flee

Thousands of Christians are fleeing their homes.

They urgently need our help.

Every day, hundreds and even thousands of Christians flee their homes in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and elsewhere. Many of them are fleeing increasing persecution and are seeking refuge in neighbouring countries like Lebanon, Kurdistan and Turkey.

At the risk of violence, hunger, sickness, and depression they need your help and prayers to give them hope and a sense of safety.

Reza* and Sahar* risked their lives as they fled from Iran to neighbouring Turkey.

Their journey was treacherous. They were forced to leave everything behind. And life as refugees in Turkey has not been easy for them.

After a few months in exile, Sahar gave birth to a baby girl who has health issues and needs critical care. To make things worse, Sahar also needed help because she has been battling depression which started when Reza was put in prison in Iran.

Our partner in Turkey helped Reza and Sahar by providing pastoral support to help Sahar’s mental health and practical help such as formula milk, nappies, clothes, etc.

Thanks to the generosity of caring supporters like you and the support they are receiving from Release’s partner, Reza and Sahar are shaking off their suffering and experiencing God’s healing.

Over the last year our mission partners have worked tirelessly to serve thousands of persecuted Christians who have been left with no choice but to run for their lives.

In Turkey, Lebanon, Nigeria and elsewhere Release’s partners are providing emergency aid for displaced families, trauma-healing workshops for victims of violence, pastoral care, discipleship resources and vocational training to help refugees start small businesses to provide for their families.

Our ministry is always adapting to meet the needs of Christians in flight and to show them that God cares for them. We will not stop our work until every brother and sister in Christ feels safe and able to rebuild their lives.

If you want to join us in helping displaced Christians like Reza and Sahar rebuild their lives and experience God’s love and provision, will you send a gift of £25, £50 or even £100 today?

You can read more about Reza and Sahar’s story below.

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Distributing aid to Christians in Iraq with our partner.

Your gift will go a long way to helping a Christian refugee find safety, hope and joy in following Christ in a place far away from home.

I am grateful for your generosity towards our brothers and sisters. Please also remember them in your prayers.

Paul Robinson



Paul Robinson
CEO, Release International



* Names have been changed for security reasons.


Reza and Sahar

Reza and Sahar risked their lives as they fled from Iran to neighbouring Turkey. Reza* had committed his heart to Jesus about ten years ago. He was leading a house church in Iran and was often threatened by government officials to stop…


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A Prayer For Christians Who Have Been Forced To Flee

Loving Father, thank you that You are with us wherever we go. When we are at rest and when we are travelling – You watch over us. Thank you for this assurance when we are safe and especially so when we are in danger.

Thank you that this truth supports our persecuted family when they are forced to flee from their homes and, in so many countries, become refugees with no safe place to go.

Lord, be with them as they face the fear of the open road, of dangerous surroundings and of heart-churning worry of surviving on a road of chaos.

Father, give them Your peace which is beyond our understanding as they travel to new places where people hate them for who they are, just ordinary people of faith who have lost everything except their love of You. Lord, what faith!

Lord, help me to understand their plight and to remember that if I lived where they did it would be me in flight and me who had lost everything.

Father, please melt any ice that might exist within my heart against refugees and give me a heart of warm, living water to help my brothers and sisters in flight with prayers and any other support that You call on me to give them as they travel so many miles in fear.


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If you have any queries about giving to Release, please contact our Supporter Relations team on: 01689 823491.

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