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Will you help the families of those who gave their lives for Jesus?

Every year thousands of Christians are killed for their faith.

In Sri Lanka Ramesh Raju lost his life protecting hundreds of believers.

This 42-year-old husband and father (pictured) died while stopping an Islamist militant with a backpack filled with explosives from entering Zion Evangelical Church on Easter morning. 28 people were killed, but had the militant gained entry to the church there would have been many more fatalities.

In China Ding Cuimei was martyred while objecting to the demolition of her church.

Cuimei stood in front of a bulldozer in defiance of a government-ordered demolition of her church. She was pushed into a ditch and buried alive while members of the congregation looked on in horror.

In Kenya pastor Philip Ambetsa and five members of his congregation were murdered.

Islamist terrorists opened fire in a church near Mombasa killing assistant pastor Philip Ambetsa and five other members of the congregation.

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The suffering of Christians is on the increase in North Korea, Nigeria, Sudan, Pakistan, Eritrea and other places where Christians are imprisoned or killed for proclaiming the Gospel.

Often martyred Christians leave behind traumatised children and spouses who desperately need support to survive and to rebuild their shattered lives.

Release is working through ministry partners in different countries to provide practical help and spiritual encouragement to the families of Christian martyrs and their church communities.

But we can only carry out providing food, shelter, trauma-counselling and pastoral care with your support.


Will you send a gift of £25 or whatever you can share to Release today to help the families of martyred Christians around the world?


  • In Sri Lanka our partners are seeking to provide emergency medical aid and support for the 28 families who lost loved ones in the Easter 2019 bombings.
  • In Nigeria we are seeking to fund trauma-healing for Christians who witnessed the murders of family members by Boko Haram and Fulani militants. We are also providing emergency food, clothing and medicines to those who are displaced. This is an ongoing crisis.
  • In Eritrea we are providing financial support to the families of Christians who have died in prison.
  • In other countries such as Pakistan, Egypt and Sudan we are helping the families and church communities of martyred Christians who are struggling to get by after losing their breadwinners and family members.

A generous donation of £25, £50, £100 or even £250 right now can really go a long way towards meeting some of their urgent needs for food, shelter, education and pastoral care.

Please give whatever you can today to help show God’s love in practical ways to the families of those who have lost their lives for the sake of Christ.

With much gratitude,

Paul Robinson
CEO, Release International

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A prayer for the families of Christians martyred for the sake of the gospel

Almighty God

I pray today for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being oppressed, persecuted and abused for their faith just as Jesus was.

Comfort and give courage to Christians in countries such as Nigeria, Eritrea, Pakistan, Egypt and India where many are experiencing physical harm, intimidation and unjust imprisonment at the hands of their oppressors.

Our heavenly Father, thank you for welcoming into your arms all Christian martyrs who have given their lives because they refused to stop sharing the gospel and living out their faith.

Heal the hearts and minds of those who have lost loved ones because of persecution and restore them to full physical and spiritual health.

For those who persecute my brothers and sisters in Christ, I pray that their hearts will be touched by the wonderful faith of those they attack.

I pray also that they will open their hearts to your love.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,


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