The Persecuted Church
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The Persecuted Church – now showing on Revelation TV

Release International is playing a key role in highlighting the persecuted Church on satellite TV.

The Persecuted Church is one of the flagship programmes of Revelation TV, which broadcasts around the world on Sky, Freeview HD, Freesat and others.

Each month, the 30-minute programme highlights areas of the world where Christians are suffering for their faith.

It is transmitted at least six times a month and also features on the Christian TV channel’s website.

The Persecuted Church is co-presented by Revelation TV’s Gordon Pettie and Andrew Boyd of Release International. The December edition features stories on Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, and others.

‘It’s a huge privilege to be part of this programme which highlights the challenges facing our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world,’ says Andrew, who also provides updates for Revelation TV’s morning programme.

‘Through The Persecuted Church we are able to keep viewers up to date with current news – and provide a focus for prayer. We also have the time and the space to explore some of the context and issues behind persecution.

‘Live faithfully’

‘Along with the opportunity to dig a little deeper, The Persecuted Church challenges those of us living in freedom to not take that freedom for granted, but faithfully live our lives to the full for Jesus,’ adds Andrew Boyd.

‘We’re hugely grateful to Revelation TV for bringing stories of our faith-filled brothers and sisters into living rooms around the world, so we can be inspired by their witness and stand with them in prayer.’

The Persecuted Church is broadcast on Revelation TV, which can be seen on Sky TV (581), Freesat (692) and Freeview HD (264). It’s also available on Roku and  Apple TV.

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