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Day of the Christian Martyrs’ (June 29, 2020)

Be Prepared for Day of the Christian Martyrs’ on June 29, 2020


Please check back here for information about Martyrs’ Day 2020 – coming soon.


In 2018, our 50th year, we launched Martyrs’ Day – on June 29 – to remember today’s courageous Christians who suffer for their faith in Jesus – even to the point of death. Please set aside as much time as you can on June 29 to remember in prayer the families and loved ones of those who have lost their lives because of their faith in Christ. Click the links below to download resources including stories of modern martyrs, prayers and readings for you and your church to use.

MARTYRS’ DAY – Call To Action:

How will you and your church respond to Martyrs’ Day?

  • Please pray using the prayers on Sheet 3 as a starting-point
  • Please study the scriptures as to how Jesus and the Apostles taught us to respond to persecution, maybe using Sheet 4 as a starting-point, or Jars of Clay as a study book.
  • Please consider what you can do to ease the plight of the widows and orphans of martyrs.


Download Sheet 1:  Martyrs’ Day – Introduction

Download Sheet 2:  Martyrs’ Day – Examples

Download Sheet 3:  Martyrs’ Day – Prayers

Download Sheet 4:  Martyrs’ Day – Readings

Download Sheet 5:  Martyrs’ Day – Call To Action

The book Jars of Clay is available from our website here.

You can also read and hear a Martyr’s Day Backing Message from Petr Jasek here.

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