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Release International, featured each month, on Sky, Freeview HD, and the internet

The work of Release International features in the latest edition of The Persecuted Church, Revelation TV’s flagship one-hour monthly news programme.

The November edition, to be broadcast six times on Sky, Freeview HD, and other channels, focuses on recent news on Ukraine by Release International. Pro-Russian forces have closed churches and arrested pastors in some occupied areas.

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Persecution Report

As well as news on Ukraine, the report features a Release International partner associate singing over the country in the rubble, and a prayer that viewers can join in with.

Other countries covered include Eritrea, Afghanistan and Iran. The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) is featured along with encouraging news from several countries, including Uzbekistan.

As well as featuring on The Persecuted Church, the Ukraine story is the focus of the latest edition of Persecution Report, which you can watch below. This three-minute news item is syndicated worldwide through the Global News Alliance and others and is given an airing on Revelation TV’s morning programmes.

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Persecution Report draws from Release International’s news releases and current stories in the latest edition of our Voice magazine. That magazine is available for download here

The Persecuted Church programme is co-produced and co-presented by Release International’s Andrew Boyd.

‘We want to raise awareness, prayer and create connection,’ says Andrew. ‘The aim is to show God at work, and to focus on hope and redemption, along with the real challenges faced by Christians worldwide.

‘This is a marvellous opportunity to take the work of Release International to a much wider audience.’

The Persecuted Church can also be watched on demand on the Revelation TV website.

Watch the latest edition of Persecution Report: