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Fulani attacks claim children’s lives in Nigeria

Aftermath of Fulani attack on Hura village. Picture, Release partner Stefanos Foundation

Release International has been speaking out on UCB radio over the latest attacks against Christian villagers in Nigeria.

Fulani militants killed nine – including three children aged between three and five – in the latest raid on a village near Jos, in Plateau State.

It’s estimated attacks by armed Fulani have claimed 7,000 lives since 2015. And Fulani militants have been declared the world’s fourth deadliest terror group, killing more than even Boko Haram.

Helen Price of UCB radio found out more from Release International’s Andrew Boyd…

Fulani militants kill 9, burn houses in Plateau State. Picture, Release partner Stefanos Foundation

Notes: 7,000 deaths attributed to Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust. Cited in report: ‘Your land or your blood’ November 2019: ‘Preliminary data suggests that over 1,000 Christians have been killed since January, in addition to the estimated 6,000+ deaths since 2015.