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Release Potential

Release Potential is the young adults (18-30’s) ministry of Release International.

Release Potential aims to inspire and challenge creative young Christians based in the UK and Ireland to engage passionately and practically with the issue of persecution.

The Team


Our UK Director, Laura, keeps the Release Potential team grounded and has a wealth of expertise! We are so excited about her passion and her dedication to her brothers and sisters who are persecuted for their faith.


Chioma is our Team Leader and is passionate about young people and equipping them to reach their full potential through the power of the gospel! She wants to empower and equip students, young people and youth workers with practical and creative ways of raising awareness about persecuted believers around the world.


We have many amazing volunteers that help with the running of Release Potential.

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Strip it all back and at the heart of the Christian faith is the call to live our lives sold out for Jesus; to give Him our time, our talents,everything… but what does that mean for us today? Persecution Uncovered explores the grace, pain and passion of the Christian faith. We reveal the real experiences of persecuted Christians to help others understand more of what it means to be a follower of Jesus in today’s world.

Suitable for any youth, student, or church group, Persecution Uncovered workshops and seminars are fully interactive, highly creative, challenging and fun! If you would like more information please email potential@releaseinternational.org or call 01689 823 491.


Be a Snaptavist

There are many ways we can support Christians who are facing difficult circumstances: we can pray for them, we can donate money to fund practical initiatives, we can even support Christian workers who are able to visit them in person. But what about those of us who aren’t able to visit but still want to make a personal impact? Well, we have some good news! We are able to contribute on a personal level by giving from our own skills and abilities. There are children in various countries who have been through traumatic ordeals, have lost members of their families and have been left alone. As they reach their teens many will have already witnessed, to a degree, the severe cost of choosing to follow Christ in their country. In this section you will find a selection of creative ideas that have been put together to inspire you to get inventive in helping out. Be a part of their story.

A snaptavist is someone who stands up for justice and speaks up for peace, by using social media.

We want our snaptavist to use Imagery as a way of expressing the issues surrounding persecution.

Step 1: Start getting creative and focus on what you’re going to produce around the following issues…

  • LOVE

Step 2: Get snapping, add text, filters and make video etc….

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Youth Leader Resources

Write to Prisoners

You can write to Christians who are suffering persecution to show that you care and remind them they are not forgotten.

Download the Hope of Heaven pdf to show you how.

back2BASICS Pack

To choose to follow Jesus today is as radical as it was 2,000 years ago. The bible says you WILL face opposition, you WILL stand out in a crowd. But the question is, are YOU ready to live a different lifestyle?

back2BASICS is a 6-part discipleship course which can be run at your own pace and lets you explore what it means becoming a Christian today…

You can download the back2BASICS course book here.

The back2BASICS Leadership Pack is available from our eStore here.

More helpful books and DVDs can be found on our eStore here.

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