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Strengthening believers in Sri Lanka

Christians in Sri Lanka are suffering terrible abuse and need your help.

Last year 32 churches in Sri Lanka were attacked, closed, or desecrated and 79 church leaders and believers were threatened, humiliated, beaten up, or even imprisoned.

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But perhaps reading some statistics might not hold your attention for too long, until you ‘meet’ the people behind them. Until you hear their stories and feel their pain. You can 'meet' some of those who are suffering by scrolling down this page and reading their stories. And, you can reach out and show them that you care by making a gift to Release today to help ease the suffering of Christians in Sri Lanka.

Release International works with a trusted ministry partner in Sri Lanka who provides: a safe haven where persecuted church leaders, their families and whole congregations can regain their strength after terrible ordeals, free legal aid and training about their rights to church leaders and those who are experiencing persecution, and financial assistance to poor Christian families by covering children’s school fees.

Right now the future does not look bright for Christians in Sri Lanka. The evangelical church is rapidly going underground.

At a time like this when persecution is on the rise more pastors and believers are seeking our help.


Pastor Priyantha – Forgiving your enemies

One Sunday morning a mob of 20 villagers interrupted pastor Priyantha’s service. They tried to scare the congregation by throwing chairs around, tearing up Bibles and shouting at the pastor to stop preaching. One of them hit Priyantha on the head with…


A prayer for Sri Lanka