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We help persecuted churches bring the good news of the gospel – even to those who persecute them. We provide tools, training and resources to support their outreach, standing alongside our persecuted brothers and sisters as they witness in often hostile environments.

In Central Asia, for example, most Christians are unable to lead ordinary lives. They can be arrested for reading the Bible in a public place such as a bus or a train, or for telling other people about Jesus.

Often, police search the homes of local pastors or believers and confiscate their belongings because everyday Christian activities such as praying together, or doing a Bible study, can be deemed as ‘illegal’.

Our partner and his co-workers travel to countries such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to advise and strengthen local Christian workers as they share the good news of Jesus and disciple new believers who face persecution.

New churches in Tajikistan, for example, do not have their own buildings and cannot hold Sunday services in other buildings because it is prohibited by the police. So, Tajik Christians are often forced to worship in secret and, if they are caught doing so, they face interrogation and heavy fines.

Release channels financial resources to local Christian workers across Central Asia through our trusted ministry partners. When the going gets tough, they can count on our prayers and support to help them stand strong in their faith.

A prayer for Central Asia