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Showing God’s compassion in Pakistan

Christians in Pakistan are hurting.

Will you help them today?

My name is Noreen and I am a Release volunteer. I have served as a volunteer for three years and I am passionate about helping persecuted Christians.

I recently visited Pakistan, and want to tell you about Irfan, who was cast out from his home and his village, but refused to deny his faith in Christ.

Irfan told us how in 2004 he decided to take a Bible course, which was a dangerous thing to do, since his uncle was a Muslim Imam.

Until he came to Christ, ‘God was a God of the law and not of love’ for Irfan. The defining moment for his journey in faith was reading “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” in Romans 8:v1.

In January 2005 Irfan decided to follow Jesus. When his uncle heard about this he asked Irfan’s father to fetch a gun and kill his son.

God protected Irfan and his life was spared; but a mob from the village beat him badly and told him to turn his back on Jesus. He was only 17 years old.

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Irfan was forced to leave home with no food, no clothes and no money.

He spent several months living in the fields. He begged for food or relied on the generosity of friends. During this time Irfan began to tell people he met about Jesus. And, he began to see God at work in their lives.

In the first year of his ministry six of his friends became Christians. Now, supported by Release, Irfan leads a growing church. He has 11 believers living with him in a small house.



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