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Fahad’s Story

Fahad and Nahal* became Christians a few years ago and at that time they began to tune in to the Operation Angel** radio station in Afghanistan to learn more about Jesus.

After a hard day of working as a labourer, Fahad and his wife sit together with their small radio to listen to Christian worship and other programmes that explain the Bible or answer everyday questions they might be wrestling with.

Life is so dangerous for Christians in Afghanistan that they have to do this in secret. They can tell no one. The radio is their only contact with other Christians and the small yet growing community of believers that are reaching out for help to the station.

Often Fahad says that “The radio is our church”.

Fahad recently met another Christian in his village. He took the brave step of talking about Christ with a long-standing friend. They now listen to the radio at his home while they share a meal and talk about how to apply the Bible teaching into their lives. At the end of the evening they pray for each other. The programmes also provide a phone number, so seekers and believers can call in for help.

In this part of the world being a follower of Jesus is a lonely walk, so to be able to find fellowship on the telephone, receive weekly scriptures by SMS and be encouraged and discipled by daily radio programmes is vital.

This is church for them, gathering at home, encouraging each other, praying and learning new things from God’s word together.

“We started coming together in the evenings to listen to the radio after more suspected Christians were arrested. Stoning for following Christ continues here,” said Fahad. “We live in fear but are filled with joy at the same time. We put our trust in the Lord.

We listen to the radio together for spiritual encouragement and for creating an atmosphere of love and faith in our home based on Jesus’ teaching.

Most evenings people here are at home and they might feel discouraged when they hear on the news that yet another Christian has been attacked, murdered or imprisoned. And, sometimes they might be worried because they have lost their jobs or have disputes with their neighbours. There is much suspicion and the police are very harsh.

So, when we listen to the radio we feel connected to God and with each other. We feel empowered to love and serve tomorrow for we are reminded that ‘We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.’ (Philippians 4:13)

Thank you for giving us this powerful lifeline.”

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* Names have been altered and stock photos have been used to protect the identity of the people we serve.

** Operation Angel is a Release International partner pseudonym to protect their identity.