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Makan’s Story

Makan gave his life to Christ.

He lost his job because of his faith.

He was beaten up and imprisoned.

He never stopped loving Jesus.

Will you help persecuted believers like Makan today?

Makan was warned by the Laotian authorities to stop preaching the gospel on many occasions. He was dismissed from his job. He was arrested and was given a long prison sentence.

In prison he was beaten up and kept in wooden stocks, his feet apart, handcuffs on his wrists and thumbs. Sometimes he was isolated in a dark room and went without food for days. His body became infected and he suffered many health problems.

But, he never lost his faith and his love for Jesus. That’s because during all this time, his family and Christian friends and supporters like you prayed for him and helped his wife and children in practical ways.

Thanks to your past generosity, we were able to help Makan’s family while he was in prison. And, now he has been released we are continuing to contribute to his living expenses and medical care.

Will you join us in fulfilling this promise by sending a gift of £25 or more to support Release’s ministry in Communist countries?