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Pastor Nagaraju

Pastor Nagaraju has been faithfully ministering in the Thalavara area of Bangalore for the past 17 years.

Like many churches in hard to reach places, his congregation are like ‘sheep among wolves’ because they live in a village where most of their neighbours are active supporters of Hindu nationalist organisations.

They challenge him regularly to explain why he is encouraging other villagers to become Christians, and he responds by saying – ‘We are not doing bad things here. We are talking about Jesus Christ, our good friend.’”

But, this is not the end of the story. Because, some of them have gone a step further and have beaten up Pastor Nagaraju and threated his congregation.

But, Pastor Nagaraju is determined to sharing the good news of Jesus with those who are willing to listen.

Recently, he attended a pastors’ conference sponsored by Release and run by our partner in India. These events draw together pastors working in sensitive areas and combine Biblical teaching with practical advice and fellowship. This particular conference included teaching on the theology of persecution from 1 Peter 4:12-14.

“I was personally encouraged from the passage in 1 Peter and will continue my ministry in my village.” said Pastor Nagaraju.

“Whatever happens”, he says, “we will continue with what we are called to do. If I was going to quit, I would have quit long ago”.

Praise God for the faithfulness and courage of Pastor Nagaraju and pray that he will continue to fight hate with love as he shares about Jesus with those living in spiritual darkness.