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Pastor Priyantha – Forgiving your enemies

One Sunday morning a mob of 20 villagers interrupted pastor Priyantha’s service. They tried to scare the congregation by throwing chairs around, tearing up Bibles and shouting at the pastor to stop preaching.

One of them hit Priyantha on the head with a guitar as he prayed at the altar. When his children saw blood running across their father’s face they were terrified.

The threats and abuse against pastor Priyantha’s ministry culminated in attempts to burn down his church on rainy December morning.

But, pastor Priyantha refused to leave his village and his church. He chose to stay, to continue to preach the gospel and to pray for his enemies.

Release International exists to enable Christians in the UK to pray for and to help persecuted pastors like Priyantha in practical ways. We do this by channelling your gifts to trusted local partners who are meeting the needs of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.

And, what several of our ministry partners are saying right now is that the future does not look bright for Christians in Sri Lanka. The evangelical church there is rapidly going underground. At a time like this when suffering and persecution are on the rise more pastors and believers like Priyantha are seeking our help.