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Reza and Sahar

Reza and Sahar risked their lives as they fled from Iran to neighbouring Turkey.

Reza* had committed his heart to Jesus about ten years ago. He was leading a house church in Iran and was often threatened by government officials to stop following Jesus. Over time the threats on Reza’s life increased and he was arrested and spent six months in prison.

By God’s grace he was able to escape from Iran to Turkey together with his wife Sahar* and their son. Tearing themselves away from their home, their church and their wider family was the most difficult and painful decision they have ever made.

Their journey was treacherous. They were forced to leave everything behind. And life as refugees in Turkey has not been easy for them.

After a few months in exile, Sahar gave birth to a baby girl who has health issues and needs critical care. To make things worse, Sahar also needed help because she has been battling depression which started when Reza was put in prison in Iran.

The medical costs and the cost of living in Turkey are spiralling out of control for thousands of persecuted Christians like Reza and Sahar who are struggling to make ends meet.

They need your prayers and your support to make them feel safe and give them hope when they feel uprooted and alone as they struggle to overcome the effects of violence, hunger, sickness and depression.

Our partner in Turkey helped Reza and Sahar by providing pastoral support to help Sahar’s mental health and practical help such as formula milk, nappies, clothes, etc.

What’s more, they connected them with a local church and provided a laptop for Reza so he could get in touch with Christian friends in Iran. Today, Reza is conducting Bible studies with them online and is discipling them. He is also connecting with Bible college students from Iran and encouraging them to continue their studies.

Thanks to the generosity of caring supporters like you and the support they are receiving from Release’s partner, Reza and Sahar are shaking off their suffering and experiencing God’s healing.

* Names changed for security reasons