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‘Rosemary’ – Pakistan

I felt my body was being healed; all sickness was gone’.

Rosemary (not her real name) lives in Pakistan. She was married to a Muslim with whom she had three children.

When her son was 6 months old Rosemary became very ill and suffered fits, joint pains and swelling in various parts of her body. Her husband was unkind to her during this period and she found herself alone dealing with her illness.

At this time someone suggested to her that she should go to a Christian prayer meeting for healing. During the prayer meeting the pastor and his son prayed for Rosemary. As they prayed, someone touched her and she felt a strange power come into her. Rosemary says, ‘I felt my body was being healed; all sickness was gone.’

As a result of this healing, Rosemary came to faith in Christ. Rosemary says that her husband became crueller when he found out that she was a Christian. He divorced her and left her with the children, saying that he had no concern for her or the children and that they could ‘go and die’.

Fortunately for Rosemary, a Christian family took her and the children in as even her own parents had thrown her out. She stayed with this family for three years. After this time, Rosemary says that, ‘God sent a Christian man in my life.’ She is now married to him and has a son with her Christian husband, but life continues to be hard.

Her children have come to faith and they are living strong faithful Christian lives but are in danger and have been under threat from their Muslim relatives. As a result Rosemary has had to send her children to stay in hostels to ensure their safety while they study.

On top of the heart break of living apart from her children, her youngest son from her second marriage has some speech problems and the family cannot afford medical treatment for him. Rosemary lives in poverty; her husband is a labourer on a low income which is inadequate to meet their needs. When her children came to visit she was able to provide them with only one meal a day as they simply could not afford anything more.

It was hard for Rosemary, being unable to provide for her children’s basic needs, and hard to see her children going back to the hostel. However, she knows that at least there they will receive three meals a day. She is concerned for her children’s future and for their security. She has become ill with worry and is suffering from heart disease.

Please pray for Rosemary and her family. Release has supported Rosemary’s housing through one of our partners in Pakistan.