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Sarah’s story of loss and trust

Sarah’s life was torn apart one Sunday morning while she and her family were worshipping at their church near Mombasa.

On that fateful morning, Islamic gunmen burst into the church and killed Sarah’s husband Philip along with five other members of the congregation. Sarah and twenty others were badly injured also.

Sarah’s pain was unbearable and her suffering was great. At her darkest hour she received help and support from one of our ministry partners in Nigeria who helped her.

Today Sarah lives with her two young sons in a slum area near Nairobi.

As they seek to make a new life her oldest son is settling in a new school and Sarah is hoping to set up a small business selling second hand clothes to provide for her children.

Not a day goes by when Sarah and her children don’t think of Philip and feel the pangs of pain and loss in their hearts. But, even in her most difficult days Sarah remains calm and even speaks of forgiveness for the attackers.

Although life for Sarah and her children is hard, she demonstrates how love kills hate by trusting God, saying ‘everything is in his hands’.