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She may have not changed your life or mine, but she is changing the lives of troubled North Korean defectors who are struggling to make a fresh start in South Korea.

Yong-Ae* is loving people like Jesus did. And, some defectors are not easy to love.

Take Kyung-Gu, for example. When Yong-Ae first met him he was a harsh-looking elderly man, deeply traumatised by his journey to freedom.

As a former Communist Party member he found it hard to accept that everything he had believed in and worked for was just a lie.

Yong-Ae befriended Kyung-Gu and his wife and visited them. But, while his wife welcomed the friendship and opened her heart to God, Kyung-Gu refused to have anything to do with Jesus.

One day Kyung-Gu had a bad fall and was taken to hospital.

Yong-Ae visited him regularly and prayed for him despite his objections. One morning when Yong-Ae walked into the hospital room, she found Kyung-Gu sitting on the side of his bed eating porridge.

She couldn’t believe her eyes! Until now Kyung-Gu had been unable to sit up and he still couldn’t talk. She told him that God had spared his life.

He smiled weakly and asked her for a piece of paper and a pen. – ‘I want to go to heaven,’ he scribbled on the piece of paper.

Yong-Ae pulled out her Bible from her bag and read John 3:10-21 to him. Then, she asked Kyung-Gu whether he was ready to invite Jesus in his life. And, they prayed together.

In the following weeks Yong-Ae, Kyung-Gu and his wife witnessed a miracle, as God answered their prayers by healing Kyung-Gu’s body and his spirit.

Yong-Ae is one of 30 North Korean Christians who are currently doing a six-month discipleship course run by our partner VOM Korea.

(*) Names have been changed and stock photos have been used to protect the identity of people we serve.